January 2008


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Tue 1st<br/>news years day picnic
Tue 1st
news years day picnic
Wed 2nd<br/>ben and phoebe
Wed 2nd
ben and phoebe
Thu 3rd<br/>lewes joiner
Thu 3rd
lewes joiner
Fri 4th<br/>subway to where?
Fri 4th
subway to where?
Sat 5th<br/>reflections
Sat 5th
Sun 6th<br/>malling down
Sun 6th
malling down
Mon 7th<br/>pier at night
Mon 7th
pier at night
Tue 8th<br/>seven davids
Tue 8th
seven davids
Wed 9th<br/>pro patria mori
Wed 9th
pro patria mori
Thu 10th<br/>labour of love
Thu 10th
labour of love
Fri 11th<br/>dereliction
Fri 11th
Sat 12th<br/>elephant and castle
Sat 12th
elephant and castle
Sun 13th<br/>on the meridian
Sun 13th
on the meridian
Mon 14th<br/>city
Mon 14th
Tue 15th<br/>wish I was there
Tue 15th
wish I was there
Wed 16th<br/>dark day
Wed 16th
dark day
Thu 17th<br/>dark day (2)
Thu 17th
dark day (2)
Fri 18th<br/>seascape
Fri 18th
Sat 19th<br/>layers
Sat 19th
Sun 20th<br/>meridian monument, peacehaven
Sun 20th
meridian monument, peacehaven
Mon 21st<br/>alms houses
Mon 21st
alms houses
Tue 22nd<br/>the grove, 1985(?)
Tue 22nd
the grove, 1985(?)
Wed 23rd<br/>east sheen cemetery
Wed 23rd
east sheen cemetery
Thu 24th<br/>what
Thu 24th
what's the time?
Fri 25th<br/>another stopped clock
Fri 25th
another stopped clock
Sat 26th<br/>red gable
Sat 26th
red gable
Sun 27th<br/>sunday ride
Sun 27th
sunday ride
Mon 28th<br/>pitch and putt slash tennis
Mon 28th
pitch and putt slash tennis
Tue 29th<br/>washed up timber
Tue 29th
washed up timber
Wed 30th<br/>men at work
Wed 30th
men at work
Thu 31st<br/>prospect cottage
Thu 31st
prospect cottage