April 2013


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Mon 1st<br/>ivy, flint and robot nipple
Mon 1st
ivy, flint and robot nipple
Tue 2nd<br/>towards oxteddle bottom
Tue 2nd
towards oxteddle bottom
Wed 3rd<br/>county town
Wed 3rd
county town
Thu 4th<br/>into the valley
Thu 4th
into the valley
Fri 5th<br/>natura morta di morandi
Fri 5th
natura morta di morandi
Sat 6th<br/>dead pier
Sat 6th
dead pier
Sun 7th<br/>marine court, st. leonards
Sun 7th
marine court, st. leonards
Mon 8th<br/>my dad, fag and japanese sword
Mon 8th
my dad, fag and japanese sword
Tue 9th<br/>louisa bay
Tue 9th
louisa bay
Wed 10th<br/>seen in sandwich
Wed 10th
seen in sandwich
Thu 11th<br/>nuckell
Thu 11th
nuckell's almshouses, broadstairs
Fri 12th<br/>Hey man I can fly!
Fri 12th
Hey man I can fly!
Sat 13th<br/>how to ruin a cheap guitar...
Sat 13th
how to ruin a cheap guitar...
Sun 14th<br/>a dark sky
Sun 14th
a dark sky
Mon 15th<br/>at last... warm enough to have coffee outside
Mon 15th
at last... warm enough to have coffee outside
Tue 16th<br/>my fine art degree show, portsmouth 1975
Tue 16th
my fine art degree show, portsmouth 1975
Wed 17th<br/>roof of st. annes
Wed 17th
roof of st. annes
Thu 18th<br/>walking home
Thu 18th
walking home
Fri 19th<br/>patches of sun
Fri 19th
patches of sun
Sat 20th<br/>seashore sparkles
Sat 20th
seashore sparkles
Sun 21st<br/>forest murmurs
Sun 21st
forest murmurs
Mon 22nd<br/>wheeling through friston
Mon 22nd
wheeling through friston
Tue 23rd<br/>kingston lacy
Tue 23rd
kingston lacy
Wed 24th<br/>beach shapes
Wed 24th
beach shapes
Thu 25th<br/>guess who
Thu 25th
guess who
Fri 26th<br/>down train to swanage
Fri 26th
down train to swanage
Sat 27th<br/>moonrise
Sat 27th
Sun 28th<br/>at the nest
Sun 28th
at the nest
Mon 29th<br/>a riddle indeed
Mon 29th
a riddle indeed
Tue 30th<br/>sunset at ballyholme
Tue 30th
sunset at ballyholme