August 2023


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Tue 1st<br/>alfresco at the swan
Tue 1st
alfresco at the swan
Wed 2nd<br/>perfect arc
Wed 2nd
perfect arc
Thu 3rd<br/>gentler times
Thu 3rd
gentler times
Sun 6th<br/>marylebone or bond street ?
Sun 6th
marylebone or bond street ?
Mon 7th<br/>interior exterior
Mon 7th
interior exterior
Tue 8th<br/>hepworth at the towner
Tue 8th
hepworth at the towner
Wed 9th<br/>coming up thirteen years
Wed 9th
coming up thirteen years
Thu 10th<br/>astrid
Thu 10th
Fri 11th<br/>surrey v kent: 50 over match
Fri 11th
surrey v kent: 50 over match
Sat 12th<br/>out and about
Sat 12th
out and about
Mon 14th<br/>buttons
Mon 14th
Tue 15th<br/>tunbridge wells station (down side)
Tue 15th
tunbridge wells station (down side)
Wed 16th<br/>waste reducing baggage
Wed 16th
waste reducing baggage
Thu 17th<br/>hops, cosmos and enamel
Thu 17th
hops, cosmos and enamel
Fri 18th<br/>inscriptions wch doe vulgar tombs adorne
Fri 18th
inscriptions wch doe vulgar tombs adorne
Sat 19th<br/>finnegan
Sat 19th
finnegan's wake
Mon 21st<br/>and oil paint use a pumme
Mon 21st
and oil paint use a pumme
Fri 25th<br/>elevation
Fri 25th
Sat 26th<br/>kent bound
Sat 26th
kent bound
Sun 27th<br/>precinct
Sun 27th
Mon 28th<br/>cardboard box
Mon 28th
cardboard box
Tue 29th<br/>blowing in the fan
Tue 29th
blowing in the fan
Wed 30th<br/>windows of wonder
Wed 30th
windows of wonder
Thu 31st<br/>nash terrace - the mall
Thu 31st
nash terrace - the mall