December 2007


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Sat 1st<br/>hippy curry night
Sat 1st
hippy curry night
Sun 2nd<br/>trying to be optimistic
Sun 2nd
trying to be optimistic
Mon 3rd<br/>dark light
Mon 3rd
dark light
Tue 4th<br/>chocolate mould thing
Tue 4th
chocolate mould thing
Wed 5th<br/>them old red leicesters again
Wed 5th
them old red leicesters again
Thu 6th<br/>late shopping night
Thu 6th
late shopping night
Fri 7th<br/>and the winner is...
Fri 7th
and the winner is...
Sat 8th<br/>cathedral
Sat 8th
Sun 9th<br/>where I used to live
Sun 9th
where I used to live
Mon 10th<br/>from blackcap
Mon 10th
from blackcap
Tue 11th<br/>sunlight on the stairs
Tue 11th
sunlight on the stairs
Wed 12th<br/>the gherkin
Wed 12th
the gherkin
Thu 13th<br/>waiting
Thu 13th
Fri 14th<br/>live music
Fri 14th
live music
Sat 15th<br/>Sue and Chris
Sat 15th
Sue and Chris
Sun 16th<br/>dawn over the sea
Sun 16th
dawn over the sea
Mon 17th<br/>annual dinner
Mon 17th
annual dinner
Tue 18th<br/>frosty mornings
Tue 18th
frosty mornings
Wed 19th<br/>drips in a puddle
Wed 19th
drips in a puddle
Thu 20th<br/>misty evening in town
Thu 20th
misty evening in town
Fri 21st<br/>another misty shot
Fri 21st
another misty shot
Sat 22nd<br/>exotic birds
Sat 22nd
exotic birds
Sun 23rd<br/>bottles
Sun 23rd
Mon 24th<br/>london stock bricks
Mon 24th
london stock bricks
Tue 25th<br/>priory park, hornsey
Tue 25th
priory park, hornsey
Sat 29th<br/>coarse barn farm
Sat 29th
coarse barn farm
Mon 31st<br/>gulls circling
Mon 31st
gulls circling