October 2020


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Thu 1st<br/>something you don
Thu 1st
something you don't see everyday
Fri 2nd<br/>ten years is a long long time…
Fri 2nd
ten years is a long long time…
Sat 3rd<br/>layers of light
Sat 3rd
layers of light
Sun 4th<br/>pavement service
Sun 4th
pavement service
Mon 5th<br/>astrid
Mon 5th
Tue 6th<br/>sphinx and man
Tue 6th
sphinx and man
Wed 7th<br/>home at last
Wed 7th
home at last
Thu 8th<br/>new parents
Thu 8th
new parents
Fri 9th<br/>mast at sunset
Fri 9th
mast at sunset
Sat 10th<br/>some quick drawings of A
Sat 10th
some quick drawings of A
Sun 11th<br/>fast food service
Sun 11th
fast food service
Mon 12th<br/>tool vault
Mon 12th
tool vault
Tue 13th<br/>drawing the baby
Tue 13th
drawing the baby
Wed 14th<br/>because just because
Wed 14th
because just because
Thu 15th<br/>pipes
Thu 15th
Fri 16th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 16th
life drawing friday
Sat 17th<br/>phoebe, phoebe and more phoebes
Sat 17th
phoebe, phoebe and more phoebes
Sun 18th<br/>christmas eve feast 2002
Sun 18th
christmas eve feast 2002
Mon 19th<br/>wifey 15.VI.03
Mon 19th
wifey 15.VI.03
Tue 20th<br/>evening city
Tue 20th
evening city
Wed 21st<br/>global - spicy
Wed 21st
global - spicy
Thu 22nd<br/>17 days
Thu 22nd
17 days
Fri 23rd<br/>walking the babe
Fri 23rd
walking the babe
Sat 24th<br/>on the route
Sat 24th
on the route
Sun 25th<br/>stand of pale trees (b/w)
Sun 25th
stand of pale trees (b/w)
Sun 25th<br/>stand of pale trees
Sun 25th
stand of pale trees
Mon 26th<br/>always different always the same
Mon 26th
always different always the same
Tue 27th<br/>monkey on agate
Tue 27th
monkey on agate
Wed 28th<br/>another dreary rainy day
Wed 28th
another dreary rainy day
Thu 29th<br/>barnett freedman
Thu 29th
barnett freedman
Fri 30th<br/>drawing from life (sketchbook)
Fri 30th
drawing from life (sketchbook)
Sat 31st<br/>last pub visit for a while
Sat 31st
last pub visit for a while