January 2020


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Wed 1st<br/>new decade
Wed 1st
new decade
Thu 2nd<br/>sun trying to break through
Thu 2nd
sun trying to break through
Fri 3rd<br/>southover grange
Fri 3rd
southover grange
Sat 4th<br/>birthday meal
Sat 4th
birthday meal
Sun 5th<br/>the greek corner
Sun 5th
the greek corner
Mon 6th<br/>london  levels
Mon 6th
london levels
Tue 7th<br/>time and talents
Tue 7th
time and talents
Wed 8th<br/>foreshortened station
Wed 8th
foreshortened station
Thu 9th<br/>story time
Thu 9th
story time
Fri 10th<br/>life drawing 5 minuters
Fri 10th
life drawing 5 minuters
Sat 11th<br/>pair of danish chairs
Sat 11th
pair of danish chairs
Sun 12th<br/>low sun
Sun 12th
low sun
Mon 13th<br/>two walkers four sheep
Mon 13th
two walkers four sheep
Tue 14th<br/>juxtaposition
Tue 14th
Wed 15th<br/>staircase with a view
Wed 15th
staircase with a view
Thu 16th<br/>skinny scraper
Thu 16th
skinny scraper
Fri 17th<br/>new life model
Fri 17th
new life model
Sat 18th<br/>you and me and a rainbow
Sat 18th
you and me and a rainbow
Sat 18th<br/>you and me and a rainbow 2
Sat 18th
you and me and a rainbow 2
Sun 19th<br/>rain
Sun 19th
Mon 20th<br/>at sundown
Mon 20th
at sundown
Tue 21st<br/>something is burning
Tue 21st
something is burning
Wed 22nd<br/>early in the morning
Wed 22nd
early in the morning
Thu 23rd<br/>carlton kirby
Thu 23rd
carlton kirby
Fri 24th<br/>life drawing
Fri 24th
life drawing
Sat 25th<br/>dew pond: rain approaching
Sat 25th
dew pond: rain approaching
Sun 26th<br/>south street
Sun 26th
south street
Mon 27th<br/>gipsy hill
Mon 27th
gipsy hill
Tue 28th<br/>freak sleet storm
Tue 28th
freak sleet storm
Wed 29th<br/>chalk pit path
Wed 29th
chalk pit path
Thu 30th<br/>another rainy day
Thu 30th
another rainy day
Fri 31st<br/>gail and tone at the depot
Fri 31st
gail and tone at the depot