September 2017


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Fri 1st<br/>i
Fri 1st
i'm glad i spent it with you
Sat 2nd<br/>dawn better than sunset
Sat 2nd
dawn better than sunset
Sun 3rd<br/>another dawn shot
Sun 3rd
another dawn shot
Mon 4th<br/>empty rooms
Mon 4th
empty rooms
Tue 5th<br/>wifey
Tue 5th
Wed 6th<br/>from a london pub garden
Wed 6th
from a london pub garden
Thu 7th<br/>cityscape
Thu 7th
Fri 8th<br/>life drawing new term
Fri 8th
life drawing new term
Sat 9th<br/>on the espy
Sat 9th
on the espy
Sun 10th<br/>on the buses
Sun 10th
on the buses
Mon 11th<br/>on the stairs
Mon 11th
on the stairs
Tue 12th<br/>looking up a stairwell
Tue 12th
looking up a stairwell
Wed 13th<br/>porty art walk
Wed 13th
porty art walk
Thu 14th<br/>kilns
Thu 14th
Fri 15th<br/>old town
Fri 15th
old town
Sat 16th<br/>sofa shot
Sat 16th
sofa shot
Sun 17th<br/>decommissioned
Sun 17th
Mon 18th<br/>deco style
Mon 18th
deco style
Tue 19th<br/>wind farm
Tue 19th
wind farm
Wed 20th<br/>self portrait as my father
Wed 20th
self portrait as my father
Thu 21st<br/>resolutely avoiding beige
Thu 21st
resolutely avoiding beige
Fri 22nd<br/>pop up meal in sun street
Fri 22nd
pop up meal in sun street
Sat 23rd<br/>another Europe is possible
Sat 23rd
another Europe is possible
Sun 24th<br/>red aspect
Sun 24th
red aspect
Mon 25th<br/>barbican estate
Mon 25th
barbican estate
Tue 26th<br/>victorian lamps 21c architecture
Tue 26th
victorian lamps 21c architecture
Wed 27th<br/>moorgate
Wed 27th
Thu 28th<br/>namesake
Thu 28th
Fri 29th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 29th
life drawing friday
Sat 30th<br/>riverside
Sat 30th