September 2008


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Mon 1st<br/>spanish sketchbook
Mon 1st
spanish sketchbook
Tue 2nd<br/>blow winds blow
Tue 2nd
blow winds blow
Wed 3rd<br/>up the junction
Wed 3rd
up the junction
Thu 4th<br/>more sky drama
Thu 4th
more sky drama
Fri 5th<br/>pitch blue and garden thyme
Fri 5th
pitch blue and garden thyme
Sat 6th<br/>old tertiary college
Sat 6th
old tertiary college
Sun 7th<br/>green and green
Sun 7th
green and green
Mon 8th<br/>at the dump ...
Mon 8th
at the dump ...
Tue 9th<br/>reduced to clear
Tue 9th
reduced to clear
Wed 10th<br/>red sky at night
Wed 10th
red sky at night
Thu 11th<br/>imperial arcade
Thu 11th
imperial arcade
Fri 12th<br/>like the old days
Fri 12th
like the old days
Sat 13th<br/>newhaven pier
Sat 13th
newhaven pier
Mon 15th<br/>spiral
Mon 15th
Wed 17th<br/>weather outlook
Wed 17th
weather outlook
Thu 18th<br/>mmm.. marmoleum
Thu 18th
mmm.. marmoleum
Fri 19th<br/>not for human consumption
Fri 19th
not for human consumption
Sat 20th<br/>autumn morning
Sat 20th
autumn morning
Sun 21st<br/>in prague
Sun 21st
in prague
Tue 23rd<br/>gothic
Tue 23rd
Wed 24th<br/>acute
Wed 24th
Thu 25th<br/>from an idea by john hinitt
Thu 25th
from an idea by john hinitt
Fri 26th<br/>lucy and fruit
Fri 26th
lucy and fruit
Sat 27th<br/>henleaze
Sat 27th
Sun 28th<br/>bristol digs
Sun 28th
bristol digs
Mon 29th<br/>smoker
Mon 29th
smoker's playpen
Tue 30th<br/>more mixed messages
Tue 30th
more mixed messages