October 2019


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Tue 1st<br/>two different worlds
Tue 1st
two different worlds
Wed 2nd<br/>that
Wed 2nd
that's the trouble with death
Thu 3rd<br/>tale of two hobs
Thu 3rd
tale of two hobs
Fri 4th<br/>five minute body parts
Fri 4th
five minute body parts
Sat 5th<br/>my parents
Sat 5th
my parents
Sun 6th<br/>poop pick - bum grab
Sun 6th
poop pick - bum grab
Mon 7th<br/>question of scale
Mon 7th
question of scale
Mon 7th<br/>approaching battery park
Mon 7th
approaching battery park
Tue 8th<br/>liberty
Tue 8th
Tue 8th<br/>meatpacking district
Tue 8th
meatpacking district
Wed 9th<br/>times square
Wed 9th
times square
Wed 9th<br/>mixture of style
Wed 9th
mixture of style
Thu 10th<br/>water towers
Thu 10th
water towers
Thu 10th<br/>shrimp on rice
Thu 10th
shrimp on rice
Fri 11th<br/>frank lloyd wright room
Fri 11th
frank lloyd wright room
Fri 11th<br/>masterpieces
Fri 11th
Sat 12th<br/>from the high line
Sat 12th
from the high line
Sat 12th<br/>parapivot
Sat 12th
Sun 13th<br/>popcorn
Sun 13th
Mon 14th<br/>signage: distressed and new
Mon 14th
signage: distressed and new
Mon 14th<br/>torn
Mon 14th
Tue 15th<br/>my coney island baby
Tue 15th
my coney island baby
Tue 15th<br/>only another 285 days...
Tue 15th
only another 285 days...
Wed 16th<br/>following the poutine trail
Wed 16th
following the poutine trail
Wed 16th<br/>toronto
Wed 16th
toronto's flatiron in terracotta
Thu 17th<br/>sheppard-yonge
Thu 17th
Thu 17th<br/>near city hall
Thu 17th
near city hall
Fri 18th<br/>homemade chunky
Fri 18th
homemade chunky
Fri 18th<br/>peeling paint
Fri 18th
peeling paint
Sat 19th<br/>pioneer vernacular
Sat 19th
pioneer vernacular
Sat 19th<br/>black creek pioneer village
Sat 19th
black creek pioneer village
Sun 20th<br/>charlie
Sun 20th
charlie's studio
Sun 20th<br/>our lovely hosts
Sun 20th
our lovely hosts