September 2011


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Thu 1st<br/>waiting at pool valley...
Thu 1st
waiting at pool valley...
Fri 2nd<br/>crocifissione
Fri 2nd
Sat 3rd<br/>watching the bouncing boy
Sat 3rd
watching the bouncing boy
Sun 4th<br/>hi-viz
Sun 4th
Mon 5th<br/>yes we have (made some sloe gin)
Mon 5th
yes we have (made some sloe gin)
Tue 6th<br/>chalkface
Tue 6th
Thu 8th<br/>piltdown pond
Thu 8th
piltdown pond
Fri 9th<br/>stone portrait
Fri 9th
stone portrait
Sat 10th<br/>KG is 21
Sat 10th
KG is 21
Sun 11th<br/>new bristol digs
Sun 11th
new bristol digs
Mon 12th<br/>high winds closure
Mon 12th
high winds closure
Tue 13th<br/>look no work...
Tue 13th
look no work...
Wed 14th<br/>remedium unicum
Wed 14th
remedium unicum
Thu 15th<br/>baron john trott
Thu 15th
baron john trott
Fri 16th<br/>blue gothic door
Fri 16th
blue gothic door
Sat 17th<br/>hinton ampner
Sat 17th
hinton ampner
Sun 18th<br/>sisters stride out
Sun 18th
sisters stride out
Mon 19th<br/>nature morte
Mon 19th
nature morte
Tue 20th<br/>constable country
Tue 20th
constable country
Wed 21st<br/>london plane
Wed 21st
london plane
Thu 22nd<br/>alice: 1909-2011
Thu 22nd
alice: 1909-2011
Fri 23rd<br/>dulwich park
Fri 23rd
dulwich park
Sat 24th<br/>sir john soane
Sat 24th
sir john soane
Sun 25th<br/>priory crescent
Sun 25th
priory crescent
Mon 26th<br/>lunch at micks
Mon 26th
lunch at micks
Tue 27th<br/>late indian summer
Tue 27th
late indian summer
Wed 28th<br/>hi-viz 2
Wed 28th
hi-viz 2
Thu 29th<br/>my primary school
Thu 29th
my primary school
Fri 30th<br/>victoria and albert cafe
Fri 30th
victoria and albert cafe