November 2020


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Sun 1st<br/>afternoon strolling
Sun 1st
afternoon strolling
Mon 2nd<br/>mid to late victoriana
Mon 2nd
mid to late victoriana
Tue 3rd<br/>three boy racers
Tue 3rd
three boy racers
Wed 4th<br/>anvil clouds
Wed 4th
anvil clouds
Thu 5th<br/>at the dimming of the day
Thu 5th
at the dimming of the day
Fri 6th<br/>compensation for insomnia
Fri 6th
compensation for insomnia
Sat 7th<br/>late afternoon
Sat 7th
late afternoon
Sun 8th<br/>deliberately delicate
Sun 8th
deliberately delicate
Mon 9th<br/>soft and misty
Mon 9th
soft and misty
Tue 10th<br/>samira ahmed
Tue 10th
samira ahmed
Wed 11th<br/>cat and man
Wed 11th
cat and man
Thu 12th<br/>downland
Thu 12th
Fri 13th<br/>more downland
Fri 13th
more downland
Sat 14th<br/>i
Sat 14th
i'm six weeks old on monday
Sun 15th<br/>no don
Sun 15th
no don't !
Mon 16th<br/>notice board
Mon 16th
notice board
Tue 17th<br/>handsome but empty
Tue 17th
handsome but empty
Wed 18th<br/>this town is coming like a ghost town
Wed 18th
this town is coming like a ghost town
Thu 19th<br/>the unknown chord
Thu 19th
the unknown chord
Fri 20th<br/>waiting for the 128
Fri 20th
waiting for the 128
Sat 21st<br/>lewes saturday
Sat 21st
lewes saturday
Sun 22nd<br/>doorway
Sun 22nd
Mon 23rd<br/>sight lines
Mon 23rd
sight lines
Tue 24th<br/>shed house or studio?
Tue 24th
shed house or studio?
Wed 25th<br/>death logo bug
Wed 25th
death logo bug
Thu 26th<br/>mum and daughter
Thu 26th
mum and daughter
Fri 27th<br/>post box
Fri 27th
post box
Sat 28th<br/>big and little
Sat 28th
big and little
Sun 29th<br/>feeding time
Sun 29th
feeding time
Mon 30th<br/>ashcombe bottom
Mon 30th
ashcombe bottom