January 2021
Fri 1st<br/>tragi-comedy
Fri 1st
Sat 2nd<br/>second day of the year
Sat 2nd
second day of the year
Sun 3rd<br/>anniversary
Sun 3rd
Mon 4th<br/>distant view with two crows
Mon 4th
distant view with two crows
Tue 5th<br/>chalky road (twenty twenty)
Tue 5th
chalky road (twenty twenty)
Wed 6th<br/>mask triptych
Wed 6th
mask triptych
Thu 7th<br/>mask triptych (2)
Thu 7th
mask triptych (2)
Fri 8th<br/>seen in bradford road
Fri 8th
seen in bradford road
Sat 9th<br/>newsguy wept when he told us
Sat 9th
newsguy wept when he told us
Sat 9th<br/>social distanced perspective
Sat 9th
social distanced perspective
Sun 10th<br/>social mist-ancing
Sun 10th
social mist-ancing
Mon 11th<br/>glow factor
Mon 11th
glow factor
Tue 12th<br/>above us only sky
Tue 12th
above us only sky
Wed 13th<br/>mask up moss
Wed 13th
mask up moss
Thu 14th<br/>the town is deserted (11.35am)
Thu 14th
the town is deserted (11.35am)
Fri 15th<br/>last week
Fri 15th
last week's paintings
Sat 16th<br/>human scale
Sat 16th
human scale
Sun 17th<br/>bridge to somewhere
Sun 17th
bridge to somewhere
Mon 18th<br/>another arch or two
Mon 18th
another arch or two