May 2016


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Sun 1st<br/>cliffe bridge and harveys shop
Sun 1st
cliffe bridge and harveys shop
Mon 2nd<br/>phoebes and aaron are down for a night.
Mon 2nd
phoebes and aaron are down for a night.
Tue 3rd<br/>mark at the geffrye museum
Tue 3rd
mark at the geffrye museum
Wed 4th<br/>hanging on the telephone
Wed 4th
hanging on the telephone
Thu 5th<br/>yellow lines yellow box
Thu 5th
yellow lines yellow box
Fri 6th<br/>after the funerals
Fri 6th
after the funerals
Sat 7th<br/>sisters
Sat 7th
Sun 8th<br/>most beautiful sunday
Sun 8th
most beautiful sunday
Mon 9th<br/>harry and ron?
Mon 9th
harry and ron?
Tue 10th<br/>market street
Tue 10th
market street
Wed 11th<br/>mosaic lady
Wed 11th
mosaic lady
Thu 12th<br/>the gallops
Thu 12th
the gallops
Fri 13th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 13th
life drawing friday
Sat 14th<br/>mister and doctor black
Sat 14th
mister and doctor black
Sun 15th<br/>twenty six
Sun 15th
twenty six
Mon 16th<br/>city of london
Mon 16th
city of london
Tue 17th<br/>dappled red road
Tue 17th
dappled red road
Wed 18th<br/>beachy head
Wed 18th
beachy head
Thu 19th<br/>brewery barrels bridges
Thu 19th
brewery barrels bridges
Fri 20th<br/>london stock
Fri 20th
london stock
Sat 21st<br/>rusty iron
Sat 21st
rusty iron
Sun 22nd<br/>short wheelbase ladybird mini
Sun 22nd
short wheelbase ladybird mini
Mon 23rd<br/>on my piano
Mon 23rd
on my piano
Tue 24th<br/>dawn layers
Tue 24th
dawn layers
Wed 25th<br/>cloud moon tree pond
Wed 25th
cloud moon tree pond
Thu 26th<br/>doing the circuit
Thu 26th
doing the circuit
Fri 27th<br/>castle hill
Fri 27th
castle hill
Sat 28th<br/>downland valley
Sat 28th
downland valley
Sun 29th<br/>visit from anne
Sun 29th
visit from anne
Mon 30th<br/>two hawthorn bushes
Mon 30th
two hawthorn bushes
Tue 31st<br/>lewes riverside
Tue 31st
lewes riverside