November 2014


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Sat 1st<br/>the bends again
Sat 1st
the bends again
Sun 2nd<br/>swirling skies
Sun 2nd
swirling skies
Mon 3rd<br/>the end of a rainy day
Mon 3rd
the end of a rainy day
Tue 4th<br/>coming out of the butchers...
Tue 4th
coming out of the butchers...
Wed 5th<br/>bonfire night: before the displays
Wed 5th
bonfire night: before the displays
Thu 6th<br/>whole town alight
Thu 6th
whole town alight
Fri 7th<br/>friday
Fri 7th
friday's life drawing
Sat 8th<br/>save our buses
Sat 8th
save our buses
Sun 9th<br/>castle ditch lane
Sun 9th
castle ditch lane
Mon 10th<br/>wetness in totnes
Mon 10th
wetness in totnes
Tue 11th<br/>torbay
Tue 11th
Wed 12th<br/>brixham harbour
Wed 12th
brixham harbour
Thu 13th<br/>torquay, the english riviera
Thu 13th
torquay, the english riviera
Fri 14th<br/>road closed... storm force
Fri 14th
road closed... storm force
Sat 15th<br/>solid wood
Sat 15th
solid wood
Sun 16th<br/>Farewell Granny Pat
Sun 16th
Farewell Granny Pat
Tue 18th<br/>a load of nets and that
Tue 18th
a load of nets and that
Thu 20th<br/>20 minutes Dave
Thu 20th
20 minutes Dave
Fri 21st<br/>out with the old in with the new
Fri 21st
out with the old in with the new
Sat 22nd<br/>wet wet wet
Sat 22nd
wet wet wet
Sat 22nd<br/>jules is 60
Sat 22nd
jules is 60
Sun 23rd<br/>Jam Tarts
Sun 23rd
Jam Tarts
Mon 24th<br/>a sunny morning
Mon 24th
a sunny morning
Tue 25th<br/>pinhole selfie
Tue 25th
pinhole selfie
Wed 26th<br/>big sheep little sheep
Wed 26th
big sheep little sheep
Thu 27th<br/>gloaming
Thu 27th
Fri 28th<br/>pull and push
Fri 28th
pull and push
Sat 29th<br/>at ditchling beacon
Sat 29th
at ditchling beacon
Sun 30th<br/>offering
Sun 30th