December 2020


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Tue 1st<br/>twenty twenty
Tue 1st
twenty twenty
Wed 2nd<br/>im Abendrot
Wed 2nd
im Abendrot
Thu 3rd<br/>victorian details
Thu 3rd
victorian details
Fri 4th<br/>en route to the garden
Fri 4th
en route to the garden
Sat 5th<br/>this morning 7:35
Sat 5th
this morning 7:35
Sun 6th<br/>running man or colossus?
Sun 6th
running man or colossus?
Mon 7th<br/>the river path
Mon 7th
the river path
Tue 8th<br/>cloud banks
Tue 8th
cloud banks
Wed 9th<br/>clouds in the east
Wed 9th
clouds in the east
Thu 10th<br/>christmas house
Thu 10th
christmas house
Thu 10th<br/>red tree (robin redbreast)
Thu 10th
red tree (robin redbreast)
Fri 11th<br/>tree contrasts
Fri 11th
tree contrasts
Sat 12th<br/>seapower
Sat 12th
Sun 13th<br/>primary
Sun 13th
Mon 14th<br/>first view of the sea
Mon 14th
first view of the sea
Tue 15th<br/>lucy
Tue 15th
lucy's birthday
Wed 16th<br/>pink plaster
Wed 16th
pink plaster
Thu 17th<br/>how to wear a mask (or not)
Thu 17th
how to wear a mask (or not)
Fri 18th<br/>puffy
Fri 18th
Sat 19th<br/>flourish
Sat 19th
Sat 19th<br/>boredom or knowledge?
Sat 19th
boredom or knowledge?
Sun 20th<br/>coombe and crows
Sun 20th
coombe and crows
Mon 21st<br/>socially distanced (wet) coffee
Mon 21st
socially distanced (wet) coffee
Tue 22nd<br/>town and country
Tue 22nd
town and country
Wed 23rd<br/>monday
Wed 23rd
monday's child
Thu 24th<br/>lost
Thu 24th
Fri 25th<br/>christmas day
Fri 25th
christmas day
Sat 26th<br/>suns last rays
Sat 26th
suns last rays
Sun 27th<br/>two mush (or toads)
Sun 27th
two mush (or toads)
Mon 28th<br/>long knoll
Mon 28th
long knoll
Tue 29th<br/>family tree
Tue 29th
family tree
Wed 30th<br/>don
Wed 30th
don't look now
Thu 31st<br/>mega-zoom
Thu 31st