May 2022


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Sun 1st<br/>where path crosses road
Sun 1st
where path crosses road
Mon 2nd<br/>town view
Mon 2nd
town view
Tue 3rd<br/>the victorian girl
Tue 3rd
the victorian girl
Wed 4th<br/>moulescoomb
Wed 4th
Thu 5th<br/>i thought I
Thu 5th
i thought I'd blogged this before...
Fri 6th<br/>oddbox bounty
Fri 6th
oddbox bounty
Sat 7th<br/>morning bird
Sat 7th
morning bird
Sun 8th<br/>three artists
Sun 8th
three artists
Mon 9th<br/>inky
Mon 9th
Tue 10th<br/>anguis fragilis
Tue 10th
anguis fragilis
Wed 11th<br/>live tracking
Wed 11th
live tracking
Thu 12th<br/>fallen signage
Thu 12th
fallen signage
Fri 13th<br/>a little aggressive
Fri 13th
a little aggressive
Sat 14th<br/>reading a story
Sat 14th
reading a story
Sun 15th<br/>thirty two today
Sun 15th
thirty two today
Mon 16th<br/>southern livery
Mon 16th
southern livery
Tue 17th<br/>path through paddocks
Tue 17th
path through paddocks
Tue 17th<br/>path through paddocks
Tue 17th
path through paddocks
Wed 18th<br/>morning mood
Wed 18th
morning mood
Thu 19th<br/>shady spot
Thu 19th
shady spot
Fri 20th<br/>friday life
Fri 20th
friday life
Sat 21st<br/>back down the diagonal
Sat 21st
back down the diagonal
Sun 22nd<br/>ditchling painting
Sun 22nd
ditchling painting
Mon 23rd<br/>parkland
Mon 23rd
Tue 24th<br/>three nights in southwold
Tue 24th
three nights in southwold
Wed 25th<br/>walberswick
Wed 25th
Wed 25th<br/>rood screen
Wed 25th
rood screen
Thu 26th<br/>darkest of skies
Thu 26th
darkest of skies
Fri 27th<br/>postbox decorations
Fri 27th
postbox decorations
Sat 28th<br/>walking back
Sat 28th
walking back
Sun 29th<br/>opposite the bus stop
Sun 29th
opposite the bus stop
Mon 30th<br/>family wesleyan bibles and hymnals
Mon 30th
family wesleyan bibles and hymnals
Tue 31st<br/>ladder
Tue 31st