September 2021


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Wed 1st<br/>six men in black
Wed 1st
six men in black
Thu 2nd<br/>pencil sharpenings
Thu 2nd
pencil sharpenings
Thu 2nd<br/>stool and easel
Thu 2nd
stool and easel
Fri 3rd<br/>it
Fri 3rd
it's been a while
Sat 4th<br/>baby shed mummy shed
Sat 4th
baby shed mummy shed
Sun 5th<br/>reflections in café window
Sun 5th
reflections in café window
Mon 6th<br/>vetriano vibe
Mon 6th
vetriano vibe
Tue 7th<br/>coffee time
Tue 7th
coffee time
Wed 8th<br/>woodland walk
Wed 8th
woodland walk
Thu 9th<br/>centuries of stone
Thu 9th
centuries of stone
Fri 10th<br/>textural
Fri 10th
Sat 11th<br/>bomb damage (V&A)
Sat 11th
bomb damage (V&A)
Sun 12th<br/>jimmy page
Sun 12th
jimmy page's gaff
Mon 13th<br/>forty nine weeks
Mon 13th
forty nine weeks
Tue 14th<br/>shed
Tue 14th
Wed 15th<br/>donald pleasance impersonation
Wed 15th
donald pleasance impersonation
Thu 16th<br/>reasons to be cheerful
Thu 16th
reasons to be cheerful
Fri 17th<br/>the next project
Fri 17th
the next project
Sat 18th<br/>dolphin
Sat 18th
Sun 19th<br/>roundel
Sun 19th
Mon 20th<br/>change at crewe
Mon 20th
change at crewe
Tue 21st<br/>a question of scale
Tue 21st
a question of scale
Tue 21st<br/>chester
Tue 21st
Wed 22nd<br/>cathedral cloister
Wed 22nd
cathedral cloister
Thu 23rd<br/>seventy nine years on
Thu 23rd
seventy nine years on
Fri 24th<br/>leisurely bowls
Fri 24th
leisurely bowls
Sat 25th<br/>a brief window of family
Sat 25th
a brief window of family
Sun 26th<br/>date night
Sun 26th
date night
Mon 27th<br/>rusty pole
Mon 27th
rusty pole
Tue 28th<br/>changing face of mouslecoomb campus
Tue 28th
changing face of mouslecoomb campus
Wed 29th<br/>jeunesse dorée
Wed 29th
jeunesse dorée
Thu 30th<br/>birthday trip to lewes
Thu 30th
birthday trip to lewes