June 2009


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Mon 1st<br/>spot the ball
Mon 1st
spot the ball
Tue 2nd<br/>edwardian gentleman
Tue 2nd
edwardian gentleman
Wed 3rd<br/>mythical beast
Wed 3rd
mythical beast
Thu 4th<br/>he of little time
Thu 4th
he of little time
Fri 5th<br/>watching the adults
Fri 5th
watching the adults
Sat 6th<br/>037
Sat 6th
Sun 7th<br/>gnome
Sun 7th
Mon 8th<br/>049
Mon 8th
Tue 9th<br/>041
Tue 9th
Wed 10th<br/>glasses
Wed 10th
Thu 11th<br/>walking home
Thu 11th
walking home
Fri 12th<br/>lock-ups
Fri 12th
Sat 13th<br/>über-poppies
Sat 13th
Sun 14th<br/>those poppies again
Sun 14th
those poppies again
Mon 15th<br/>sussex afternoon
Mon 15th
sussex afternoon
Fri 19th<br/>purple grass
Fri 19th
purple grass
Sat 20th<br/>050
Sat 20th
Sun 21st<br/>farewell st. michaels hill
Sun 21st
farewell st. michaels hill
Mon 22nd<br/>salisbury plain
Mon 22nd
salisbury plain
Tue 23rd<br/>scaffold poles
Tue 23rd
scaffold poles
Wed 24th<br/>through the arch
Wed 24th
through the arch
Thu 25th<br/>men relaxing
Thu 25th
men relaxing
Fri 26th<br/>ancora autoritratto
Fri 26th
ancora autoritratto
Sat 27th<br/>kate and hugh
Sat 27th
kate and hugh
Sun 28th<br/>faded footballers
Sun 28th
faded footballers
Mon 29th<br/>bubbles and feet
Mon 29th
bubbles and feet
Tue 30th<br/>073
Tue 30th