December 2021


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Wed 1st<br/>pink reflection
Wed 1st
pink reflection
Thu 2nd<br/>checking out the handles
Thu 2nd
checking out the handles
Fri 3rd<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 3rd
life drawing friday
Sat 4th<br/>traces remain
Sat 4th
traces remain
Sun 5th<br/>city tapestry
Sun 5th
city tapestry
Mon 6th<br/>this morning
Mon 6th
this morning's light show
Tue 7th<br/>home studio c.1987
Tue 7th
home studio c.1987
Wed 8th<br/>at rock bottom
Wed 8th
at rock bottom
Thu 9th<br/>magic broccoli tree
Thu 9th
magic broccoli tree
Fri 10th<br/>another dawn another sky
Fri 10th
another dawn another sky
Sat 11th<br/>waltz time
Sat 11th
waltz time
Tue 14th<br/>wheelie
Tue 14th
Wed 15th<br/>birthday apple cake
Wed 15th
birthday apple cake
Thu 16th<br/>bed
Thu 16th
Fri 17th<br/>cliffe bridge
Fri 17th
cliffe bridge
Sun 19th<br/>another lovely day in blunderland
Sun 19th
another lovely day in blunderland
Mon 20th<br/>some beers and mixers available
Mon 20th
some beers and mixers available
Tue 21st<br/>christmas menu fridge
Tue 21st
christmas menu fridge
Wed 22nd<br/>forming anagrams
Wed 22nd
forming anagrams
Thu 23rd<br/>barbican texture
Thu 23rd
barbican texture
Fri 24th<br/>down the swings
Fri 24th
down the swings
Sat 25th<br/>difference of scale
Sat 25th
difference of scale
Sun 26th<br/>boxing day visitors
Sun 26th
boxing day visitors
Mon 27th<br/>splash
Mon 27th
Tue 28th<br/>father and daughter
Tue 28th
father and daughter
Wed 29th<br/>love locked in
Wed 29th
love locked in
Thu 30th<br/>who am I ?
Thu 30th
who am I ?
Fri 31st<br/>sunrise that didn
Fri 31st
sunrise that didn't deliver...