February 2015


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Sun 1st<br/>big fat tank
Sun 1st
big fat tank
Mon 2nd<br/>shelley
Mon 2nd
shelley's folly
Tue 3rd<br/>breakfast
Tue 3rd
Wed 4th<br/>john virtue
Wed 4th
john virtue
Thu 5th<br/>suitably dark skies
Thu 5th
suitably dark skies
Fri 6th<br/>www
Fri 6th
Sat 7th<br/>stand of trees
Sat 7th
stand of trees
Sun 8th<br/>portrait session
Sun 8th
portrait session
Mon 9th<br/>looking at one of the yodas
Mon 9th
looking at one of the yodas
Tue 10th<br/>Oxford Street
Tue 10th
Oxford Street
Wed 11th<br/>st. peters blatchington
Wed 11th
st. peters blatchington
Thu 12th<br/>still lake
Thu 12th
still lake
Fri 13th<br/>new glass tile splashback
Fri 13th
new glass tile splashback
Sat 14th<br/>a walk before drinks
Sat 14th
a walk before drinks
Sun 15th<br/>tree growth: lichen
Sun 15th
tree growth: lichen
Mon 16th<br/>st. pancras, arlington
Mon 16th
st. pancras, arlington
Tue 17th<br/>boney m
Tue 17th
boney m
Wed 18th<br/>counting crows
Wed 18th
counting crows
Thu 19th<br/>tree shadow wall
Thu 19th
tree shadow wall
Fri 20th<br/>high wall
Fri 20th
high wall
Sat 21st<br/>winchester city mill
Sat 21st
winchester city mill
Sun 22nd<br/>sound II
Sun 22nd
sound II
Mon 23rd<br/>rebuilding the chimneys
Mon 23rd
rebuilding the chimneys
Tue 24th<br/>view of winchester
Tue 24th
view of winchester
Wed 25th<br/>compo, clegg et al...
Wed 25th
compo, clegg et al...
Thu 26th<br/>shadow fence
Thu 26th
shadow fence
Fri 27th<br/>five minute dominic
Fri 27th
five minute dominic
Sat 28th<br/>meeting
Sat 28th