April 2020


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Wed 1st<br/>venturing out
Wed 1st
venturing out
Thu 2nd<br/>blue ouse
Thu 2nd
blue ouse
Fri 3rd<br/>skylark
Fri 3rd
Sat 4th<br/>misty morning walk
Sat 4th
misty morning walk
Sun 5th<br/>clear pond
Sun 5th
clear pond
Mon 6th<br/>lucy doing crossword with hairy skull
Mon 6th
lucy doing crossword with hairy skull
Tue 7th<br/>social distancing (3)
Tue 7th
social distancing (3)
Wed 8th<br/>last night
Wed 8th
last night's moon
Thu 9th<br/>spring weather continues
Thu 9th
spring weather continues
Fri 10th<br/>social distancing (4)
Fri 10th
social distancing (4)
Sat 11th<br/>four more paintings
Sat 11th
four more paintings
Sun 12th<br/>misty morning walk
Sun 12th
misty morning walk
Mon 13th<br/>tudor wall
Mon 13th
tudor wall
Mon 13th<br/>window
Mon 13th
Tue 14th<br/>dawn a couple of days ago..
Tue 14th
dawn a couple of days ago..
Wed 15th<br/>up with the larks
Wed 15th
up with the larks
Thu 16th<br/>bath time for starling
Thu 16th
bath time for starling
Fri 17th<br/>one day at a time
Fri 17th
one day at a time
Sat 18th<br/>ghost town
Sat 18th
ghost town
Sun 19th<br/>D for daruma doll
Sun 19th
D for daruma doll
Mon 20th<br/>complementary doors
Mon 20th
complementary doors
Tue 21st<br/>four more paintings
Tue 21st
four more paintings
Wed 22nd<br/>hand 6, i am dummy (steve to play)
Wed 22nd
hand 6, i am dummy (steve to play)
Thu 23rd<br/>poachies on the way
Thu 23rd
poachies on the way
Fri 24th<br/>social distancing (5)
Fri 24th
social distancing (5)
Sat 25th<br/>tree peony
Sat 25th
tree peony
Sun 26th<br/>view... day whatever
Sun 26th
view... day whatever
Mon 27th<br/>big sky
Mon 27th
big sky
Tue 28th<br/>sylvia von harden (after otto dix)
Tue 28th
sylvia von harden (after otto dix)
Wed 29th<br/>fifty shades of green
Wed 29th
fifty shades of green
Thu 30th<br/>the rains came
Thu 30th
the rains came