April 2016


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Fri 1st<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 1st
life drawing friday
Sat 2nd<br/>round the bend
Sat 2nd
round the bend
Sun 3rd<br/>talking about frothy coffee
Sun 3rd
talking about frothy coffee
Mon 4th<br/>chalky path
Mon 4th
chalky path
Tue 5th<br/>reflectivity
Tue 5th
Wed 6th<br/>old offices
Wed 6th
old offices
Thu 7th<br/>wainbow wooks woof
Thu 7th
wainbow wooks woof
Fri 8th<br/>both in a new home
Fri 8th
both in a new home
Sat 9th<br/>tulips from chris
Sat 9th
tulips from chris
Sun 10th<br/>forever
Sun 10th
Mon 11th<br/>percy and wagner alms houses
Mon 11th
percy and wagner alms houses
Tue 12th<br/>what
Tue 12th
what's the solution?
Wed 13th<br/>st. clement danes
Wed 13th
st. clement danes
Thu 14th<br/>antmanbee at the tate mod
Thu 14th
antmanbee at the tate mod
Fri 15th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 15th
life drawing friday
Sat 16th<br/>morning skies
Sat 16th
morning skies
Sun 17th<br/>mount harry beacon
Sun 17th
mount harry beacon
Mon 18th<br/>tree shadow bench
Mon 18th
tree shadow bench
Tue 19th<br/>impy
Tue 19th
Wed 20th<br/>blackcap selfie
Wed 20th
blackcap selfie
Thu 21st<br/>squashed litter 03
Thu 21st
squashed litter 03
Fri 22nd<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 22nd
life drawing friday
Sat 23rd<br/>Peter
Sat 23rd
Sun 24th<br/>the footpath the motor road
Sun 24th
the footpath the motor road
Mon 25th<br/>name the town
Mon 25th
name the town
Tue 26th<br/>the path to balmer huff
Tue 26th
the path to balmer huff
Wed 27th<br/>dark sky walk before supper
Wed 27th
dark sky walk before supper
Thu 28th<br/>dark sky orange roof
Thu 28th
dark sky orange roof
Fri 29th<br/>three domes
Fri 29th
three domes
Sat 30th<br/>japanese corbel
Sat 30th
japanese corbel