July 2022


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Fri 1st<br/>chalets
Fri 1st
Sat 2nd<br/>signage
Sat 2nd
Sun 3rd<br/>in the garden
Sun 3rd
in the garden
Mon 4th<br/>brief splash
Mon 4th
brief splash
Tue 5th<br/>another place
Tue 5th
another place
Wed 6th<br/>disillusioned monastery
Wed 6th
disillusioned monastery
Thu 7th<br/>herne bay
Thu 7th
herne bay
Fri 8th<br/>divers arms
Fri 8th
divers arms
Sat 9th<br/>flying visit
Sat 9th
flying visit
Tue 12th<br/>got our beach shirts on
Tue 12th
got our beach shirts on
Wed 13th<br/>big blue spot
Wed 13th
big blue spot
Thu 14th<br/>cause of death unknown
Thu 14th
cause of death unknown
Fri 15th<br/>life studies
Fri 15th
life studies
Sat 16th<br/>our local pub
Sat 16th
our local pub
Sun 17th<br/>dry grass
Sun 17th
dry grass
Mon 18th<br/>film noir
Mon 18th
film noir
Tue 19th<br/>evening clouds... still hot
Tue 19th
evening clouds... still hot
Wed 20th<br/>another cracking day
Wed 20th
another cracking day
Thu 21st<br/>last session this term
Thu 21st
last session this term
Fri 22nd<br/>wispy
Fri 22nd
Sat 23rd<br/>brushwork
Sat 23rd
Sun 24th<br/>le vainqueur 2022
Sun 24th
le vainqueur 2022
Mon 25th<br/>tumblr
Mon 25th
Tue 26th<br/>copper beeches
Tue 26th
copper beeches
Thu 28th<br/>coffee
Thu 28th
Fri 29th<br/>green man and parko
Fri 29th
green man and parko