January 2015


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Thu 1st<br/>happy new year
Thu 1st
happy new year
Fri 2nd<br/>number one and one a
Fri 2nd
number one and one a
Sat 3rd<br/>rounded gables
Sat 3rd
rounded gables
Sun 4th<br/>malling coombe
Sun 4th
malling coombe
Mon 5th<br/>sixty three
Mon 5th
sixty three
Tue 6th<br/>like pink mountains
Tue 6th
like pink mountains
Wed 7th<br/>banksy
Wed 7th
banksy's response
Thu 8th<br/>le col de FC
Thu 8th
le col de FC
Fri 9th<br/>new year and new stuff...
Fri 9th
new year and new stuff...
Sat 10th<br/>st michaels
Sat 10th
st michaels
Sun 11th<br/>sale torsi
Sun 11th
sale torsi
Mon 12th<br/>flooded green
Mon 12th
flooded green
Tue 13th<br/>road like a river
Tue 13th
road like a river
Wed 14th<br/>dishonourable discharge
Wed 14th
dishonourable discharge
Thu 15th<br/>afternoon in peckham
Thu 15th
afternoon in peckham
Fri 16th<br/>theres is only one way to find out...
Fri 16th
theres is only one way to find out...
Sat 17th<br/>sky drama
Sat 17th
sky drama
Sun 18th<br/>franni and antonia for lunch
Sun 18th
franni and antonia for lunch
Mon 19th<br/>another day another sunset
Mon 19th
another day another sunset
Tue 20th<br/>unpredicted snowfall
Tue 20th
unpredicted snowfall
Wed 21st<br/>winter chill
Wed 21st
winter chill
Thu 22nd<br/>stroll at sunset
Thu 22nd
stroll at sunset
Fri 23rd<br/>love birds
Fri 23rd
love birds
Sat 24th<br/>down the valley
Sat 24th
down the valley
Sun 25th<br/>a private view
Sun 25th
a private view
Mon 26th<br/>chichester cathedral environs
Mon 26th
chichester cathedral environs
Tue 27th<br/>clapham junction
Tue 27th
clapham junction
Wed 28th<br/>olive oil in the water
Wed 28th
olive oil in the water
Thu 29th<br/>leaving the tate modern
Thu 29th
leaving the tate modern
Fri 30th<br/>troika
Fri 30th
Sat 31st<br/>blackcap
Sat 31st