June 2020


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Mon 1st<br/>ghost town
Mon 1st
ghost town
Tue 2nd<br/>solitary passenger
Tue 2nd
solitary passenger
Wed 3rd<br/>harveys
Wed 3rd
Thu 4th<br/>the field
Thu 4th
the field
Fri 5th<br/>nuff said
Fri 5th
nuff said
Sat 6th<br/>magical light
Sat 6th
magical light
Sun 7th<br/>double rainbow
Sun 7th
double rainbow
Sun 7th<br/>dark skies
Sun 7th
dark skies
Mon 8th<br/>Paintings 17- 18
Mon 8th
Paintings 17- 18
Tue 9th<br/>stray glove and poppy
Tue 9th
stray glove and poppy
Wed 10th<br/>phoebe plays the bass line
Wed 10th
phoebe plays the bass line
Thu 11th<br/>avatar
Thu 11th
Fri 12th<br/>our new zoom world
Fri 12th
our new zoom world
Sat 13th<br/>paintings 19 - 20
Sat 13th
paintings 19 - 20
Sun 14th<br/>social distancing (7)
Sun 14th
social distancing (7)
Mon 15th<br/>landscape with crows
Mon 15th
landscape with crows
Tue 16th<br/>social distancing (8)
Tue 16th
social distancing (8)
Wed 17th<br/>notice board
Wed 17th
notice board
Thu 18th<br/>our long shadows
Thu 18th
our long shadows
Fri 19th<br/>sun behind tree
Fri 19th
sun behind tree
Sat 20th<br/>social distancing (9)
Sat 20th
social distancing (9)
Sun 21st<br/>carry outs and stalls
Sun 21st
carry outs and stalls
Sun 21st<br/>every man... woman... and mask
Sun 21st
every man... woman... and mask
Mon 22nd<br/>timber merchants
Mon 22nd
timber merchants
Tue 23rd<br/>watching the swans
Tue 23rd
watching the swans
Wed 24th<br/>long man
Wed 24th
long man
Thu 25th<br/>social distancing (10)
Thu 25th
social distancing (10)
Fri 26th<br/>cow huddle (not social distancing)
Fri 26th
cow huddle (not social distancing)
Sat 27th<br/>doors and benches
Sat 27th
doors and benches
Sun 28th<br/>rebel
Sun 28th
Mon 29th<br/>steps to the sea
Mon 29th
steps to the sea
Tue 30th<br/>paintings 21 -23
Tue 30th
paintings 21 -23