February 2020


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Sat 1st<br/>anyone out there?
Sat 1st
anyone out there?
Sun 2nd<br/>empty
Sun 2nd
Mon 3rd<br/>wifey knitted me gloves
Mon 3rd
wifey knitted me gloves
Tue 4th<br/>brighton streets
Tue 4th
brighton streets
Wed 5th<br/>black door
Wed 5th
black door
Thu 6th<br/>early brew
Thu 6th
early brew
Fri 7th<br/>another view
Fri 7th
another view
Sat 8th<br/>encore
Sat 8th
Sun 9th<br/>three sisters
Sun 9th
three sisters
Sun 9th<br/>tallinn view
Sun 9th
tallinn view
Mon 10th<br/>once a walled city
Mon 10th
once a walled city
Mon 10th<br/>once a walled city (2)
Mon 10th
once a walled city (2)
Tue 11th<br/>kadriorg palace
Tue 11th
kadriorg palace
Tue 11th<br/>raekoja plats
Tue 11th
raekoja plats
Wed 12th<br/>wifey and empty roads
Wed 12th
wifey and empty roads
Wed 12th<br/>travelling companions
Wed 12th
travelling companions
Thu 13th<br/>pikk street
Thu 13th
pikk street
Thu 13th<br/>the baltic sea
Thu 13th
the baltic sea
Fri 14th<br/>helene schjerfbeck and linda söber
Fri 14th
helene schjerfbeck and linda söber
Sat 15th<br/>life drawing yesterday
Sat 15th
life drawing yesterday
Sun 16th<br/>boot
Sun 16th
Mon 17th<br/>crane - scaffold - plane - pole
Mon 17th
crane - scaffold - plane - pole
Tue 18th<br/>from the train
Tue 18th
from the train
Wed 19th<br/>two doors
Wed 19th
two doors
Thu 20th<br/>evening skies
Thu 20th
evening skies
Fri 21st<br/>selfie
Fri 21st
Sat 22nd<br/>must it be, it must be...
Sat 22nd
must it be, it must be...
Sun 23rd<br/>a break in the clouds
Sun 23rd
a break in the clouds
Mon 24th<br/>fire hydrant
Mon 24th
fire hydrant
Tue 25th<br/>fisher street
Tue 25th
fisher street
Wed 26th<br/>footbridge
Wed 26th
Thu 27th<br/>a toast to Eva
Thu 27th
a toast to Eva
Fri 28th<br/>the sussex coast
Fri 28th
the sussex coast
Sat 29th<br/>painting guernica
Sat 29th
painting guernica