January 2014


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Wed 1st<br/>happy new year to all
Wed 1st
happy new year to all
Thu 2nd<br/>don
Thu 2nd
don't go to homebase
Fri 3rd<br/>rain without end
Fri 3rd
rain without end
Sat 4th<br/>some shades of grey
Sat 4th
some shades of grey
Sun 5th<br/>live from san francisco
Sun 5th
live from san francisco
Mon 6th<br/>wait waterless wanderer
Mon 6th
wait waterless wanderer
Tue 7th<br/>manchester old and new
Tue 7th
manchester old and new
Wed 8th<br/>salford quays
Wed 8th
salford quays
Thu 9th<br/>daniel liebeskind
Thu 9th
daniel liebeskind
Fri 10th<br/>brighter weather beyond
Fri 10th
brighter weather beyond
Sat 11th<br/>national football museum
Sat 11th
national football museum
Sun 12th<br/>sanded floors
Sun 12th
sanded floors
Mon 13th<br/>filter
Mon 13th
Tue 14th<br/>before wolfenden
Tue 14th
before wolfenden
Wed 15th<br/>sky triangle
Wed 15th
sky triangle
Thu 16th<br/>reflections in coloured glass
Thu 16th
reflections in coloured glass
Fri 17th<br/>dull friday
Fri 17th
dull friday
Sat 18th<br/>hang-gliding from caburn
Sat 18th
hang-gliding from caburn
Sun 19th<br/>walk to blackcap
Sun 19th
walk to blackcap
Wed 22nd<br/>post DIY slump
Wed 22nd
post DIY slump
Thu 23rd<br/>life drawing thursday
Thu 23rd
life drawing thursday
Fri 24th<br/>a walk in the park
Fri 24th
a walk in the park
Sat 25th<br/>hiding monster
Sat 25th
hiding monster
Sun 26th<br/>paxo
Sun 26th
Mon 27th<br/>chimney fix
Mon 27th
chimney fix
Tue 28th<br/>face masked
Tue 28th
face masked
Thu 30th<br/>rain... rain... and yet more..... rain
Thu 30th
rain... rain... and yet more..... rain
Fri 31st<br/>red yellow blue...
Fri 31st
red yellow blue...