August 2012


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Wed 1st<br/>toro
Wed 1st
Thu 2nd<br/>alhambra: granada
Thu 2nd
alhambra: granada
Fri 3rd<br/>a bit moorish
Fri 3rd
a bit moorish
Sat 4th<br/>shady spot
Sat 4th
shady spot
Sun 5th<br/>alhambra: palace of carlos V
Sun 5th
alhambra: palace of carlos V
Mon 6th<br/>portal
Mon 6th
Tue 7th<br/>plaza del toros: sevilla
Tue 7th
plaza del toros: sevilla
Wed 8th<br/>parasol: sevilla
Wed 8th
parasol: sevilla
Thu 9th<br/>after some pinchos and rioja
Thu 9th
after some pinchos and rioja
Fri 10th<br/>amigos por la vida
Fri 10th
amigos por la vida
Sat 11th<br/>the mesquita, cordoba.
Sat 11th
the mesquita, cordoba.
Sun 12th<br/>plaza del museo
Sun 12th
plaza del museo
Mon 13th<br/>old ceramics factory
Mon 13th
old ceramics factory
Tue 14th<br/>fuente
Tue 14th
Wed 15th<br/>five kilns
Wed 15th
five kilns
Thu 16th<br/>three balls
Thu 16th
three balls
Fri 17th<br/>downs turn into meadow
Fri 17th
downs turn into meadow
Sat 18th<br/>scottish sky
Sat 18th
scottish sky
Sun 19th<br/>lost in ashcombe bottom
Sun 19th
lost in ashcombe bottom
Mon 20th<br/>waiting for the tour
Mon 20th
waiting for the tour
Tue 21st<br/>Q
Tue 21st
Wed 22nd<br/>pinot on the patio
Wed 22nd
pinot on the patio
Thu 23rd<br/>T
Thu 23rd
Fri 24th<br/>don
Fri 24th
don't nobody move...
Sat 25th<br/>red flag
Sat 25th
red flag
Sun 26th<br/>site of the battle of lewes
Sun 26th
site of the battle of lewes
Mon 27th<br/>insomniac reward
Mon 27th
insomniac reward
Tue 28th<br/>a home at last...
Tue 28th
a home at last...
Wed 29th<br/>bebida
Wed 29th
Thu 30th<br/>the new view (part)
Thu 30th
the new view (part)
Fri 31st<br/>drinks on the decking
Fri 31st
drinks on the decking