August 2009


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Sat 1st<br/>mediaeval flemish architecture
Sat 1st
mediaeval flemish architecture
Sun 2nd<br/>sint jan
Sun 2nd
sint jan
Mon 3rd<br/>milk parlour
Mon 3rd
milk parlour
Tue 4th<br/>railway watches
Tue 4th
railway watches
Wed 5th<br/>what would you say...
Wed 5th
what would you say...
Thu 6th<br/>spotty trees
Thu 6th
spotty trees
Fri 7th<br/>032
Fri 7th
Sat 8th<br/>the one I can
Sat 8th
the one I can't remember the name of
Sun 9th<br/>hof plezance
Sun 9th
hof plezance
Mon 10th<br/>064
Mon 10th
Tue 11th<br/>069
Tue 11th
Wed 12th<br/>022
Wed 12th
Thu 13th<br/>sea
Thu 13th
Fri 14th<br/>sparse sunflowers
Fri 14th
sparse sunflowers
Sat 15th<br/>fairlight cove
Sat 15th
fairlight cove
Sun 16th<br/>sunday afternoon
Sun 16th
sunday afternoon
Mon 17th<br/>light aircraft
Mon 17th
light aircraft
Tue 18th<br/>lost town
Tue 18th
lost town
Wed 19th<br/>006
Wed 19th
Thu 20th<br/>bo peep
Thu 20th
bo peep
Fri 21st<br/>anthony (tone)
Fri 21st
anthony (tone)
Sat 22nd<br/>south downs way
Sat 22nd
south downs way
Sun 23rd<br/>picking brambles
Sun 23rd
picking brambles
Mon 24th<br/>gingham field
Mon 24th
gingham field
Tue 25th<br/>wind
Tue 25th
Wed 26th<br/>water on glass
Wed 26th
water on glass
Thu 27th<br/>sometimes the sky just is there...
Thu 27th
sometimes the sky just is there...
Fri 28th<br/>mother-in-law
Fri 28th
Sat 29th<br/>100
Sat 29th
Mon 31st<br/>035
Mon 31st