September 2020


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Tue 1st<br/>dead boozer
Tue 1st
dead boozer
Tue 1st<br/>down the hill
Tue 1st
down the hill
Wed 2nd<br/>safe distance
Wed 2nd
safe distance
Thu 3rd<br/>marina view
Thu 3rd
marina view
Thu 3rd<br/>walking the undercliffe
Thu 3rd
walking the undercliffe
Fri 4th<br/>lollypop
Fri 4th
Sat 5th<br/>brief encounter
Sat 5th
brief encounter
Sun 6th<br/>self-isolation (use it or lose it)
Sun 6th
self-isolation (use it or lose it)
Mon 7th<br/>let
Mon 7th
let's play poo(h) sticks
Tue 8th<br/>shifting light
Tue 8th
shifting light
Wed 9th<br/>social distancing (13)
Wed 9th
social distancing (13)
Thu 10th<br/>afternoon at the hut
Thu 10th
afternoon at the hut
Fri 11th<br/>black cows brown cows
Fri 11th
black cows brown cows
Sat 12th<br/>figures in a landscape p.94
Sat 12th
figures in a landscape p.94
Sun 13th<br/>afternoon escape
Sun 13th
afternoon escape
Mon 14th<br/>constant distraction
Mon 14th
constant distraction
Tue 15th<br/>evening clouds
Tue 15th
evening clouds
Wed 16th<br/>morning sun
Wed 16th
morning sun
Thu 17th<br/>hex
Thu 17th
Fri 18th<br/>pararge aegeria
Fri 18th
pararge aegeria
Sat 19th<br/>between the trees
Sat 19th
between the trees
Sun 20th<br/>at the line
Sun 20th
at the line
Mon 21st<br/>sunday by the ouse
Mon 21st
sunday by the ouse
Tue 22nd<br/>cladding
Tue 22nd
Wed 23rd<br/>happy birthday antmanbee
Wed 23rd
happy birthday antmanbee
Thu 24th<br/>this evening
Thu 24th
this evening's rainbow
Fri 25th<br/>first fire of the season
Fri 25th
first fire of the season
Sat 26th<br/>early morning walking
Sat 26th
early morning walking
Sun 27th<br/>wood without figures
Sun 27th
wood without figures
Mon 28th<br/>ooh that
Mon 28th
ooh that's new
Tue 29th<br/>are we nearly there yet?
Tue 29th
are we nearly there yet?
Wed 30th<br/>lord snooty
Wed 30th
lord snooty's been at the knife drawer