October 2021


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Fri 1st<br/>life friday
Fri 1st
life friday
Sat 2nd<br/>mum and daughter
Sat 2nd
mum and daughter
Sun 3rd<br/>(a welcome) crossword interruption
Sun 3rd
(a welcome) crossword interruption
Mon 4th<br/>thirty nine steps (2)
Mon 4th
thirty nine steps (2)
Tue 5th<br/>birthday girl
Tue 5th
birthday girl
Wed 6th<br/>i can do no more
Wed 6th
i can do no more
Thu 7th<br/>fragile breakfast
Thu 7th
fragile breakfast
Fri 8th<br/>autumn morning
Fri 8th
autumn morning
Sat 9th<br/>snail trails
Sat 9th
snail trails
Sun 10th<br/>health and safety
Sun 10th
health and safety
Mon 11th<br/>where the town sits
Mon 11th
where the town sits
Tue 12th<br/>egregious nostalgia trip
Tue 12th
egregious nostalgia trip
Wed 13th<br/>egregious nostalgia trip (2)
Wed 13th
egregious nostalgia trip (2)
Thu 14th<br/>life drawings
Thu 14th
life drawings
Fri 15th<br/>margate sunset
Fri 15th
margate sunset
Sat 16th<br/>jo
Sat 16th
jo's show
Sun 17th<br/>turner reflections
Sun 17th
turner reflections
Mon 18th<br/>broadstairs
Mon 18th
Tue 19th<br/>old friends
Tue 19th
old friends
Wed 20th<br/>blue door
Wed 20th
blue door
Thu 21st<br/>squash
Thu 21st
Fri 22nd<br/>tile detailing
Fri 22nd
tile detailing
Sat 23rd<br/>nevill juvenile bonfire
Sat 23rd
nevill juvenile bonfire
Sun 24th<br/>sunday lunch
Sun 24th
sunday lunch
Mon 25th<br/>blue red yellow
Mon 25th
blue red yellow
Tue 26th<br/>river
Tue 26th
Wed 27th<br/>another dramatic dawn
Wed 27th
another dramatic dawn
Thu 28th<br/>scaffolders have left
Thu 28th
scaffolders have left
Fri 29th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 29th
life drawing friday
Sat 30th<br/>weather improved
Sat 30th
weather improved
Sun 31st<br/>fast and bulbous...
Sun 31st
fast and bulbous...