June 2013


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Sat 1st<br/>three men three balls
Sat 1st
three men three balls
Sun 2nd<br/>ben and harriet
Sun 2nd
ben and harriet
Mon 3rd<br/>all afternoon drinking
Mon 3rd
all afternoon drinking
Tue 4th<br/>foreshortened view
Tue 4th
foreshortened view
Wed 5th<br/>wispy clouds
Wed 5th
wispy clouds
Thu 6th<br/>a woman, two men, a bike
Thu 6th
a woman, two men, a bike
Fri 7th<br/>brighton degree show 2013
Fri 7th
brighton degree show 2013
Sat 8th<br/>alfresco lunch
Sat 8th
alfresco lunch
Sun 9th<br/>wifey
Sun 9th
Mon 10th<br/>difference of scale
Mon 10th
difference of scale
Tue 11th<br/>cerinthe
Tue 11th
Wed 12th<br/>a constitutional before cocktails
Wed 12th
a constitutional before cocktails
Thu 13th<br/>twilght
Thu 13th
Fri 14th<br/>dewpond at oxteddle bottom
Fri 14th
dewpond at oxteddle bottom
Sat 15th<br/>scudding clouds
Sat 15th
scudding clouds
Sun 16th<br/>purple alium
Sun 16th
purple alium
Mon 17th<br/>st. mary
Mon 17th
st. mary's friston
Tue 18th<br/>birling gap from flagstaff point
Tue 18th
birling gap from flagstaff point
Wed 19th<br/>antmanbee
Wed 19th
Thu 20th<br/>clayton flower festival
Thu 20th
clayton flower festival
Fri 21st<br/>FCC class 319 up train
Fri 21st
FCC class 319 up train
Sat 22nd<br/>pylon line
Sat 22nd
pylon line
Sun 23rd<br/>slow down 30 slow down
Sun 23rd
slow down 30 slow down
Mon 24th<br/>patchwork
Mon 24th
Tue 25th<br/>footpath maintained
Tue 25th
footpath maintained
Wed 26th<br/>sky like a volcano
Wed 26th
sky like a volcano
Thu 27th<br/>coffee with john
Thu 27th
coffee with john
Fri 28th<br/>day in the studio
Fri 28th
day in the studio
Sat 29th<br/>shelley
Sat 29th
shelley's folly
Sun 30th<br/>ouse valley
Sun 30th
ouse valley