May 2007


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Tue 1st<br/>vapour trails
Tue 1st
vapour trails
Wed 2nd<br/>under the power lines
Wed 2nd
under the power lines
Thu 3rd<br/>pre-season
Thu 3rd
Fri 4th<br/>owen and mary
Fri 4th
owen and mary
Sat 5th<br/>lacock abbey
Sat 5th
lacock abbey
Sun 6th<br/>georgian gothick
Sun 6th
georgian gothick
Mon 7th<br/>long shadows
Mon 7th
long shadows
Tue 8th<br/>footbridge
Tue 8th
Wed 9th<br/>to the A27
Wed 9th
to the A27
Thu 10th<br/>turn left for brighton, right for london
Thu 10th
turn left for brighton, right for london
Fri 11th<br/>wall of tyres
Fri 11th
wall of tyres
Sat 12th<br/>pipe
Sat 12th
Sun 13th<br/>tiny tiny spiders
Sun 13th
tiny tiny spiders
Mon 14th<br/>court
Mon 14th
Tue 15th<br/>another wet day
Tue 15th
another wet day
Wed 16th<br/>stool
Wed 16th
Thu 17th<br/>self portrait in a painterly style
Thu 17th
self portrait in a painterly style
Fri 18th<br/>flat roofs
Fri 18th
flat roofs
Sat 19th<br/>cup final
Sat 19th
cup final
Sun 20th<br/>esplanade
Sun 20th
Mon 21st<br/>brick styles
Mon 21st
brick styles
Tue 22nd<br/>brick corner
Tue 22nd
brick corner
Wed 23rd<br/>slope
Wed 23rd
Thu 24th<br/>jolly sportsman
Thu 24th
jolly sportsman
Fri 25th<br/>east chiltington church
Fri 25th
east chiltington church
Sat 26th<br/>wedding
Sat 26th
Sun 27th<br/>wet bank holiday
Sun 27th
wet bank holiday
Mon 28th<br/>north laines
Mon 28th
north laines
Tue 29th<br/>vanishing point
Tue 29th
vanishing point
Wed 30th<br/>café quotidien
Wed 30th
café quotidien
Thu 31st<br/>corner
Thu 31st