July 2018


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Sun 1st<br/>enticing
Sun 1st
Mon 2nd<br/>block
Mon 2nd
Tue 3rd<br/>fort
Tue 3rd
Wed 4th<br/>reflective patchwork
Wed 4th
reflective patchwork
Thu 5th<br/>high summer
Thu 5th
high summer
Fri 6th<br/>jo and wifey at the depot
Fri 6th
jo and wifey at the depot
Sat 7th<br/>prosecco party
Sat 7th
prosecco party
Sun 8th<br/>mallard
Sun 8th
Mon 9th<br/>ranworth broad
Mon 9th
ranworth broad
Tue 10th<br/>river bure (acle bridge)
Tue 10th
river bure (acle bridge)
Wed 11th<br/>on the river ant
Wed 11th
on the river ant
Thu 12th<br/>norfolk signage
Thu 12th
norfolk signage
Fri 13th<br/>six happy old men
Fri 13th
six happy old men
Sat 14th<br/>abbey and windmill
Sat 14th
abbey and windmill
Sun 15th<br/>wifey in the water
Sun 15th
wifey in the water
Mon 16th<br/>grass is a bit dry
Mon 16th
grass is a bit dry
Tue 17th<br/>no cohesion
Tue 17th
no cohesion
Wed 18th<br/>fourth plinth, trafalgar sq.
Wed 18th
fourth plinth, trafalgar sq.
Thu 19th<br/>window
Thu 19th
Fri 20th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 20th
life drawing friday
Sat 21st<br/>surrey quays (overground)
Sat 21st
surrey quays (overground)
Sun 22nd<br/>the truth will make you free
Sun 22nd
the truth will make you free
Mon 23rd<br/>wifey
Mon 23rd
Tue 24th<br/>pavement artist
Tue 24th
pavement artist
Wed 25th<br/>three new t-shirts
Wed 25th
three new t-shirts
Thu 26th<br/>fans been on ALL day...
Thu 26th
fans been on ALL day...
Fri 27th<br/>no heaters needed today
Fri 27th
no heaters needed today
Sat 28th<br/>rain at last
Sat 28th
rain at last
Sun 29th<br/>blustery day
Sun 29th
blustery day
Mon 30th<br/>discarded red door
Mon 30th
discarded red door
Tue 31st<br/>studio gloves
Tue 31st
studio gloves