February 2023


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Wed 1st<br/>hoarding
Wed 1st
Thu 2nd<br/>the beige plague
Thu 2nd
the beige plague
Fri 3rd<br/>arty bits
Fri 3rd
arty bits
Sat 4th<br/>mantlepiece
Sat 4th
Sun 5th<br/>nostalgia
Sun 5th
Mon 6th<br/>three graces
Mon 6th
three graces
Tue 7th<br/>it
Tue 7th
it's a beautiful day ...
Wed 8th<br/>hazy hamsey
Wed 8th
hazy hamsey
Thu 9th<br/>serious chat
Thu 9th
serious chat
Fri 10th<br/>natura morta
Fri 10th
natura morta
Sat 11th<br/>magdalena abakanowicz
Sat 11th
magdalena abakanowicz
Sun 12th<br/>dwarfed
Sun 12th
Mon 13th<br/>nearly thirty one years
Mon 13th
nearly thirty one years
Tue 14th<br/>11.8 kilowatt hours today
Tue 14th
11.8 kilowatt hours today
Wed 15th<br/>motivational poster
Wed 15th
motivational poster
Sat 18th<br/>curves
Sat 18th
Sun 19th<br/>tram
Sun 19th
Mon 20th<br/>new bus stops
Mon 20th
new bus stops
Tue 21st<br/>structure
Tue 21st
Wed 22nd<br/>redundant signage
Wed 22nd
redundant signage
Thu 23rd<br/>life session
Thu 23rd
life session
Fri 24th<br/>one for sorrow
Fri 24th
one for sorrow
Sat 25th<br/>dew pond clearance
Sat 25th
dew pond clearance
Sun 26th<br/>dark skies
Sun 26th
dark skies
Mon 27th<br/>balham platform
Mon 27th
balham platform
Tue 28th<br/>looking after a sick child
Tue 28th
looking after a sick child