September 2022


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Thu 1st<br/>this sceptrered isle
Thu 1st
this sceptrered isle
Thu 1st<br/>three buckets needed
Thu 1st
three buckets needed
Fri 2nd<br/>new term starts
Fri 2nd
new term starts
Sat 3rd<br/>another dead shop(s)
Sat 3rd
another dead shop(s)
Sun 4th<br/>posy or bouquet
Sun 4th
posy or bouquet
Mon 5th<br/>chris
Mon 5th
chris' kilometre walk
Tue 6th<br/>field textures
Tue 6th
field textures
Wed 7th<br/>just before a shower
Wed 7th
just before a shower
Thu 8th<br/>wet wet and more wet
Thu 8th
wet wet and more wet
Fri 9th<br/>carolean age
Fri 9th
carolean age
Sat 10th<br/>hangin
Sat 10th
hangin' out
Sun 11th<br/>cracked willow
Sun 11th
cracked willow
Mon 12th<br/>must you keep rolling....
Mon 12th
must you keep rolling....
Tue 13th<br/>anne and wifey
Tue 13th
anne and wifey
Wed 14th<br/>access no areas
Wed 14th
access no areas
Thu 15th<br/>siefert x 2
Thu 15th
siefert x 2
Fri 16th<br/>buried church
Fri 16th
buried church
Fri 16th<br/>interior space
Fri 16th
interior space
Sat 17th<br/>astrid and her auntie nimms
Sat 17th
astrid and her auntie nimms
Sun 18th<br/>view from greenwich observatory
Sun 18th
view from greenwich observatory
Mon 19th<br/>wall and ladder
Mon 19th
wall and ladder
Tue 20th<br/>early morning mists
Tue 20th
early morning mists
Wed 21st<br/>pointless
Wed 21st
Thu 22nd<br/>our exhibition
Thu 22nd
our exhibition
Fri 23rd<br/>after the private view...
Fri 23rd
after the private view...
Fri 23rd<br/>all ready to go …
Fri 23rd
all ready to go …
Sat 24th<br/>hanging out
Sat 24th
hanging out
Sun 25th<br/>deliberately hazy
Sun 25th
deliberately hazy
Mon 26th<br/>wasteful
Mon 26th
Tue 27th<br/>morning found us calmly unaware
Tue 27th
morning found us calmly unaware
Wed 28th<br/>twitten
Wed 28th
Thu 29th<br/>another castle shot ...
Thu 29th
another castle shot ...
Fri 30th<br/>nearly two
Fri 30th
nearly two