February 2010


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Mon 1st<br/>leftover wine
Mon 1st
leftover wine
Tue 2nd<br/>lawn
Tue 2nd
Thu 4th<br/>empty frame of ideas
Thu 4th
empty frame of ideas
Fri 5th<br/>ludwig and richard
Fri 5th
ludwig and richard
Sat 6th<br/>nocturnal st. leonards
Sat 6th
nocturnal st. leonards
Sun 7th<br/>preparing sky lanterns
Sun 7th
preparing sky lanterns
Mon 8th<br/>blingin it up
Mon 8th
blingin it up
Tue 9th<br/>angels with peacock wings
Tue 9th
angels with peacock wings
Wed 10th<br/>N
Wed 10th
Thu 11th<br/>york railway museum
Thu 11th
york railway museum
Fri 12th<br/>we are all tourists
Fri 12th
we are all tourists
Sat 13th<br/>york walls and minster
Sat 13th
york walls and minster
Sun 14th<br/>monk bar and goodramgate
Sun 14th
monk bar and goodramgate
Mon 15th<br/>in south transept
Mon 15th
in south transept
Tue 16th<br/>I want some
Tue 16th
I want some
Wed 17th<br/>087
Wed 17th
Thu 18th<br/>045
Thu 18th
Fri 19th<br/>watch out... weather
Fri 19th
watch out... weather
Sat 20th<br/>one man - three dogs
Sat 20th
one man - three dogs
Sun 21st<br/>yellow balls
Sun 21st
yellow balls
Mon 22nd<br/>nowhere to go
Mon 22nd
nowhere to go
Tue 23rd<br/>victoria line
Tue 23rd
victoria line
Wed 24th<br/>onions
Wed 24th
Thu 25th<br/>something for the weekend
Thu 25th
something for the weekend
Fri 26th<br/>magic mouse
Fri 26th
magic mouse
Sat 27th<br/>william the fourth
Sat 27th
william the fourth
Sun 28th<br/>054
Sun 28th