December 2010


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Wed 1st<br/>spoke too soon
Wed 1st
spoke too soon
Thu 2nd<br/>25 centimetres
Thu 2nd
25 centimetres
Fri 3rd<br/>fun friday
Fri 3rd
fun friday
Sat 4th<br/>before the thaw
Sat 4th
before the thaw
Mon 6th<br/>glasgow boys
Mon 6th
glasgow boys
Thu 9th<br/>familiar curve
Thu 9th
familiar curve
Sat 11th<br/>shame on you norman
Sat 11th
shame on you norman
Sun 12th<br/>W
Sun 12th
Wed 15th<br/>birthday in brooklyn
Wed 15th
birthday in brooklyn
Thu 16th<br/>battery park
Thu 16th
battery park
Fri 17th<br/>MOMA
Fri 17th
Sat 18th<br/>Broadway and 5th and 23rd
Sat 18th
Broadway and 5th and 23rd
Sun 19th<br/>subway 2
Sun 19th
subway 2
Mon 20th<br/>mural
Mon 20th
Tue 21st<br/>chuck, rachel, andy and others
Tue 21st
chuck, rachel, andy and others
Wed 22nd<br/>Empire State Building
Wed 22nd
Empire State Building
Thu 23rd<br/>north brooklyn
Thu 23rd
north brooklyn
Fri 24th<br/>Christmas Eve in NY
Fri 24th
Christmas Eve in NY
Sat 25th<br/>on 6th avenue
Sat 25th
on 6th avenue
Sun 26th<br/>green-wood cemetery, brooklyn
Sun 26th
green-wood cemetery, brooklyn
Mon 27th<br/>buried car
Mon 27th
buried car
Tue 28th<br/>central park
Tue 28th
central park
Wed 29th<br/>frank lloyd wright
Wed 29th
frank lloyd wright
Thu 30th<br/>dale
Thu 30th
dale's pale
Fri 31st<br/>auld lang syne
Fri 31st
auld lang syne