August 2013


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Thu 1st<br/>seaford st. leonards churchyard
Thu 1st
seaford st. leonards churchyard
Fri 2nd<br/>the show is up
Fri 2nd
the show is up
Sat 3rd<br/>parallel
Sat 3rd
Sun 4th<br/>wouldn
Sun 4th
wouldn't have done it like that
Mon 5th<br/>mixed doubles
Mon 5th
mixed doubles
Tue 6th<br/>wall
Tue 6th
Wed 7th<br/>harbour station
Wed 7th
harbour station
Thu 8th<br/>les tricoteuses
Thu 8th
les tricoteuses
Fri 9th<br/>thistles and wind
Fri 9th
thistles and wind
Sat 10th<br/>light and shade
Sat 10th
light and shade
Sun 11th<br/>turbulent sea
Sun 11th
turbulent sea
Mon 12th<br/>looking out to sea
Mon 12th
looking out to sea
Tue 13th<br/>collision course
Tue 13th
collision course
Wed 14th<br/>cloud formation
Wed 14th
cloud formation
Fri 16th<br/>blogger blogged
Fri 16th
blogger blogged
Sat 17th<br/>when two streets collide (3)
Sat 17th
when two streets collide (3)
Sun 18th<br/>sunday afternoon circuit
Sun 18th
sunday afternoon circuit
Mon 19th<br/>panorama from lewes racecourse
Mon 19th
panorama from lewes racecourse
Tue 20th<br/>left right or down
Tue 20th
left right or down
Wed 21st<br/>grass  always greener
Wed 21st
grass always greener
Thu 22nd<br/>dog tags
Thu 22nd
dog tags
Sat 24th<br/>lunch at the the rights of man
Sat 24th
lunch at the the rights of man
Sun 25th<br/>college trunk
Sun 25th
college trunk
Mon 26th<br/>staring at the sun
Mon 26th
staring at the sun
Tue 27th<br/>red kite
Tue 27th
red kite
Wed 28th<br/>bisham church and vicarage
Wed 28th
bisham church and vicarage
Thu 29th<br/>bourne end
Thu 29th
bourne end
Fri 30th<br/>isambard kingdom brunel
Fri 30th
isambard kingdom brunel
Sat 31st<br/>eton mural
Sat 31st
eton mural