September 2018


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Sat 1st<br/>steps down
Sat 1st
steps down
Sun 2nd<br/>time for new decking
Sun 2nd
time for new decking
Mon 3rd<br/>that
Mon 3rd
that's my parents that is
Tue 4th<br/>not a lot of people...
Tue 4th
not a lot of people...
Wed 5th<br/>fish eye old deck
Wed 5th
fish eye old deck
Thu 6th<br/>flat projection
Thu 6th
flat projection
Fri 7th<br/>the long and the short
Fri 7th
the long and the short
Sat 8th<br/>lewes station
Sat 8th
lewes station
Sun 9th<br/>doing the circuit...
Sun 9th
doing the circuit...
Mon 10th<br/>rodmell church
Mon 10th
rodmell church
Tue 11th<br/>sign and boat
Tue 11th
sign and boat
Wed 12th<br/>084
Wed 12th
Thu 13th<br/>last night
Thu 13th
last night's sun
Fri 14th<br/>decking finished
Fri 14th
decking finished
Sat 15th<br/>pano of third week
Sat 15th
pano of third week
Sun 16th<br/>another glorious dawn
Sun 16th
another glorious dawn
Mon 17th<br/>new outside space
Mon 17th
new outside space
Tue 18th<br/>mobility issue
Tue 18th
mobility issue
Wed 19th<br/>nearly seven-o
Wed 19th
nearly seven-o
Thu 20th<br/>ghost
Thu 20th
Fri 21st<br/>wet and shiny
Fri 21st
wet and shiny
Sat 22nd<br/>morning brew
Sat 22nd
morning brew
Sun 23rd<br/>air traffic
Sun 23rd
air traffic
Mon 24th<br/>ampersand
Mon 24th
Tue 25th<br/>glorious day
Tue 25th
glorious day
Wed 26th<br/>stroll through the woods
Wed 26th
stroll through the woods
Thu 27th<br/>misty windover and firle
Thu 27th
misty windover and firle
Fri 28th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 28th
life drawing friday
Sat 29th<br/>week four
Sat 29th
week four
Sun 30th<br/>lock ups
Sun 30th
lock ups