November 2008


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Sun 2nd<br/>fleeting visit
Sun 2nd
fleeting visit
Mon 3rd<br/>once a pier
Mon 3rd
once a pier
Tue 4th<br/>up line and down line
Tue 4th
up line and down line
Wed 5th<br/>waterloo tableau
Wed 5th
waterloo tableau
Thu 6th<br/>feu d
Thu 6th
feu d'artifice
Fri 7th<br/>white horses
Fri 7th
white horses
Sat 8th<br/>nocturne
Sat 8th
Tue 11th<br/>97 percent waxing gibbous
Tue 11th
97 percent waxing gibbous
Wed 12th<br/>bright morning
Wed 12th
bright morning
Thu 13th<br/>illumination
Thu 13th
Fri 14th<br/>back of store
Fri 14th
back of store
Sat 15th<br/>fore-shortening
Sat 15th
Sun 16th<br/>bottom of chapel hill
Sun 16th
bottom of chapel hill
Tue 18th<br/>separated family
Tue 18th
separated family
Wed 19th<br/>city of glass
Wed 19th
city of glass
Thu 20th<br/>team lunch
Thu 20th
team lunch
Fri 21st<br/>into the blue
Fri 21st
into the blue
Sat 22nd<br/>ouse valley viaduct
Sat 22nd
ouse valley viaduct
Sun 23rd<br/>inside the viaduct
Sun 23rd
inside the viaduct
Mon 24th<br/>late autumn
Mon 24th
late autumn
Wed 26th<br/>kitchen at lunchtime
Wed 26th
kitchen at lunchtime
Fri 28th<br/>artisans at artisan
Fri 28th
artisans at artisan
Sat 29th<br/>dark day
Sat 29th
dark day
Sun 30th<br/>place of work
Sun 30th
place of work