March 2022


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Tue 1st<br/>hatters
Tue 1st
Wed 2nd<br/>love is the only language
Wed 2nd
love is the only language
Thu 3rd<br/>following on from yesterday ...
Thu 3rd
following on from yesterday ...
Fri 4th<br/>039
Fri 4th
Sat 5th<br/>church with no village
Sat 5th
church with no village
Sun 6th<br/>look what I found
Sun 6th
look what I found
Mon 7th<br/>dangerous nostalgia
Mon 7th
dangerous nostalgia
Tue 8th<br/>conspiracy bollocks
Tue 8th
conspiracy bollocks
Wed 9th<br/>clearing the room
Wed 9th
clearing the room
Thu 10th<br/>parallel lines
Thu 10th
parallel lines
Fri 11th<br/>back view
Fri 11th
back view
Sat 12th<br/>ariadne auf naxos
Sat 12th
ariadne auf naxos
Sun 13th<br/>behave
Sun 13th
Mon 14th<br/>red brick city
Mon 14th
red brick city
Tue 15th<br/>alas poor debenhams
Tue 15th
alas poor debenhams
Tue 15th<br/>burgerz n
Tue 15th
burgerz n' dogz
Wed 16th<br/>ada
Wed 16th
ada's vault
Thu 17th<br/>wollaton hall
Thu 17th
wollaton hall
Thu 17th<br/>wollaton hall (2)
Thu 17th
wollaton hall (2)
Fri 18th<br/>fundilia rufa
Fri 18th
fundilia rufa
Sat 19th<br/>park tunnel
Sat 19th
park tunnel
Sun 20th<br/>investigating everything
Sun 20th
investigating everything
Mon 21st<br/>new colours
Mon 21st
new colours
Tue 22nd<br/>studio tan
Tue 22nd
studio tan
Wed 23rd<br/>I woke early ...
Wed 23rd
I woke early ...
Thu 24th<br/>twist
Thu 24th
Fri 25th<br/>friday life session
Fri 25th
friday life session
Sat 26th<br/>view towards beddingham
Sat 26th
view towards beddingham
Sun 27th<br/>three goldfinches
Sun 27th
three goldfinches
Mon 28th<br/>water supply
Mon 28th
water supply
Tue 29th<br/>mats, angles, feet
Tue 29th
mats, angles, feet
Wed 30th<br/>dead pub tiles
Wed 30th
dead pub tiles
Thu 31st<br/>061
Thu 31st