January 2012
Sun 1st<br/>new years drear
Sun 1st
new years drear
Mon 2nd<br/>sunset at the pond
Mon 2nd
sunset at the pond
Tue 3rd<br/>getting gradually longer
Tue 3rd
getting gradually longer
Wed 4th<br/>beachlands
Wed 4th
Thu 5th<br/>steak and cheesecake
Thu 5th
steak and cheesecake
Fri 6th<br/>serene
Fri 6th
Sat 7th<br/>lunchtime
Sat 7th
Sun 8th<br/>hollingdean
Sun 8th
Mon 9th<br/>pylon
Mon 9th
Tue 10th<br/>ivy strangulation
Tue 10th
ivy strangulation
Wed 11th<br/>ninety today
Wed 11th
ninety today
Thu 12th<br/>tapestry cushions
Thu 12th
tapestry cushions
Fri 13th<br/>wheel washing
Fri 13th
wheel washing
Sat 14th<br/>perfect frosty morning
Sat 14th
perfect frosty morning
Sun 15th<br/>the line of melting
Sun 15th
the line of melting
Mon 16th<br/>tom paine
Mon 16th
tom paine
Tue 17th<br/>birling gap
Tue 17th
birling gap
Wed 18th<br/>east croydon
Wed 18th
east croydon
Thu 19th<br/>060
Thu 19th
Fri 20th<br/>bendy building
Fri 20th
bendy building
Sat 21st<br/>ted not alan
Sat 21st
ted not alan
Sun 22nd<br/>murray robertson
Sun 22nd
murray robertson
Mon 23rd<br/>four genies
Mon 23rd
four genies
Tue 24th<br/>patch of bright light
Tue 24th
patch of bright light
Wed 25th<br/>east dean village green
Wed 25th
east dean village green
Thu 26th<br/>fruit lady
Thu 26th
fruit lady
Fri 27th<br/>at the thyssen-bornemisza
Fri 27th
at the thyssen-bornemisza
Sat 28th<br/>confusing perspectives
Sat 28th
confusing perspectives
Sun 29th<br/>Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia
Sun 29th
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia
Mon 30th<br/>dali-esque cloud
Mon 30th
dali-esque cloud
Tue 31st<br/>blockage
Tue 31st