October 2012


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Mon 1st<br/>pieni unikko
Mon 1st
pieni unikko
Tue 2nd<br/>chichester cathedral
Tue 2nd
chichester cathedral
Wed 3rd<br/>stretching time
Wed 3rd
stretching time
Thu 4th<br/>bus station
Thu 4th
bus station
Fri 5th<br/>a thing of great beauty
Fri 5th
a thing of great beauty
Sat 6th<br/>walkette with ed and lizzie
Sat 6th
walkette with ed and lizzie
Sun 7th<br/>tranquil
Sun 7th
Mon 8th<br/>extreme cutting in
Mon 8th
extreme cutting in
Tue 9th<br/>ever changing skies (2)
Tue 9th
ever changing skies (2)
Wed 10th<br/>now with two sweeps
Wed 10th
now with two sweeps
Thu 11th<br/>three martello towers
Thu 11th
three martello towers
Fri 12th<br/>good ride, good ride
Fri 12th
good ride, good ride
Sat 13th<br/>uk petrol
Sat 13th
uk petrol
Sun 14th<br/>cotham hill
Sun 14th
cotham hill
Mon 15th<br/>glynde cottages
Mon 15th
glynde cottages
Tue 16th<br/>the lone bird flies east
Tue 16th
the lone bird flies east
Wed 17th<br/>four people... one bus pass
Wed 17th
four people... one bus pass
Thu 18th<br/>a true arch
Thu 18th
a true arch
Fri 19th<br/>eastbourne life drawing group private view
Fri 19th
eastbourne life drawing group private view
Sat 20th<br/>nevill juvenile parade
Sat 20th
nevill juvenile parade
Sun 21st<br/>follow me
Sun 21st
follow me
Mon 22nd<br/>hats for kenyan babies
Mon 22nd
hats for kenyan babies
Tue 23rd<br/>pat on the sofa
Tue 23rd
pat on the sofa
Wed 24th<br/>operator error
Wed 24th
operator error
Thu 25th<br/>F
Thu 25th
Fri 26th<br/>garden rooms (day1)
Fri 26th
garden rooms (day1)
Sat 27th<br/>up to the pond
Sat 27th
up to the pond
Sun 28th<br/>we are all made of stars
Sun 28th
we are all made of stars
Mon 29th<br/>hedged in
Mon 29th
hedged in
Tue 30th<br/>day 2 and 3
Tue 30th
day 2 and 3
Wed 31st<br/>day 4
Wed 31st
day 4