August 2021


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Sun 1st<br/>the artist
Sun 1st
the artist's studio
Mon 2nd<br/>eighteen years old
Mon 2nd
eighteen years old
Tue 3rd<br/>westdean church
Tue 3rd
westdean church
Wed 4th<br/>cuckmere haven from TV 52112 99593
Wed 4th
cuckmere haven from TV 52112 99593
Thu 5th<br/>ten months old today
Thu 5th
ten months old today
Fri 6th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 6th
life drawing friday
Sat 7th<br/>windy walking
Sat 7th
windy walking
Sun 8th<br/>three sisters
Sun 8th
three sisters
Mon 9th<br/>more beer brewing
Mon 9th
more beer brewing
Tue 10th<br/>roofscape
Tue 10th
Wed 11th<br/>concrete and copper
Wed 11th
concrete and copper
Thu 12th<br/>ironwork
Thu 12th
Fri 13th<br/>two unusual poses
Fri 13th
two unusual poses
Sat 14th<br/>the babe
Sat 14th
the babe
Sun 15th<br/>(lazing on a) sunday afternoon
Sun 15th
(lazing on a) sunday afternoon
Mon 16th<br/>ghost city
Mon 16th
ghost city
Tue 17th<br/>queen
Tue 17th
queen's life guard
Wed 18th<br/>on the tube again
Wed 18th
on the tube again
Thu 19th<br/>paula rego
Thu 19th
paula rego
Fri 20th<br/>... that nobody uses
Fri 20th
... that nobody uses
Sat 21st<br/>regent house
Sat 21st
regent house
Sun 22nd<br/>rock n
Sun 22nd
rock n' roll with me
Mon 23rd<br/>textural
Mon 23rd
Tue 24th<br/>enjoyable madness
Tue 24th
enjoyable madness
Wed 25th<br/>once more... three graces
Wed 25th
once more... three graces
Thu 26th<br/>astrid
Thu 26th
astrid's first wedding
Fri 27th<br/>marquee inside a horse arena
Fri 27th
marquee inside a horse arena
Sat 28th<br/>father of the bride
Sat 28th
father of the bride
Sat 28th<br/>wedding guests
Sat 28th
wedding guests
Sun 29th<br/>a country wedding
Sun 29th
a country wedding
Mon 30th<br/>determined
Mon 30th
Tue 31st<br/>london school board
Tue 31st
london school board