March 2017


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Wed 1st<br/>K shoe agent
Wed 1st
K shoe agent
Thu 2nd<br/>crows on chalk
Thu 2nd
crows on chalk
Fri 3rd<br/>town view
Fri 3rd
town view
Sat 4th<br/>hommage à courbet
Sat 4th
hommage à courbet
Sun 5th<br/>DP1043
Sun 5th
Mon 6th<br/>new doors going in
Mon 6th
new doors going in
Tue 7th<br/>before and after
Tue 7th
before and after
Wed 8th<br/>077
Wed 8th
Thu 9th<br/>lisbon view
Thu 9th
lisbon view
Fri 10th<br/>perspective pigeons
Fri 10th
perspective pigeons
Sat 11th<br/>split level
Sat 11th
split level
Sun 12th<br/>glorious delapidation
Sun 12th
glorious delapidation
Mon 13th<br/>rio grande
Mon 13th
rio grande
Tue 14th<br/>lisbon view
Tue 14th
lisbon view
Wed 15th<br/>city break in lisbon
Wed 15th
city break in lisbon
Thu 16th<br/>the barbican tunnel
Thu 16th
the barbican tunnel
Fri 17th<br/>descending steps
Fri 17th
descending steps
Sat 18th<br/>castle wall
Sat 18th
castle wall
Sun 19th<br/>street angle
Sun 19th
street angle
Mon 20th<br/>wet and dark and slippery
Mon 20th
wet and dark and slippery
Tue 21st<br/>view from members room balcony
Tue 21st
view from members room balcony
Wed 22nd<br/>chiaroscuro girder
Wed 22nd
chiaroscuro girder
Thu 23rd<br/>spring in st. james
Thu 23rd
spring in st. james'
Fri 24th<br/>friday life drawing
Fri 24th
friday life drawing
Sat 25th<br/>forty years
Sat 25th
forty years
Sun 26th<br/>lucy in st. leonards
Sun 26th
lucy in st. leonards
Mon 27th<br/>castle over the valley
Mon 27th
castle over the valley
Tue 28th<br/>got a brew on
Tue 28th
got a brew on
Wed 29th<br/>three graces
Wed 29th
three graces
Thu 30th<br/>whitby view from st.marys
Thu 30th
whitby view from st.marys
Fri 31st<br/>reflected in the abbey pond
Fri 31st
reflected in the abbey pond