December 2008


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Mon 1st<br/>playing on the black keys
Mon 1st
playing on the black keys
Tue 2nd<br/>flashback
Tue 2nd
Wed 3rd<br/>home desk
Wed 3rd
home desk
Thu 4th<br/>crow
Thu 4th
crow's perch
Fri 5th<br/>reflective grid (2)
Fri 5th
reflective grid (2)
Sat 6th<br/>The Grand Canal
Sat 6th
The Grand Canal
Tue 9th<br/>anatomy of surface
Tue 9th
anatomy of surface
Wed 10th<br/>little lost glove
Wed 10th
little lost glove
Thu 11th<br/>at the gates
Thu 11th
at the gates
Fri 12th<br/>nocturne (2)
Fri 12th
nocturne (2)
Sat 13th<br/>farewell then, woolies
Sat 13th
farewell then, woolies
Sun 14th<br/>like a flag
Sun 14th
like a flag
Mon 15th<br/>lucy
Mon 15th
lucy's birthday
Tue 16th<br/>time... or the lack of time
Tue 16th
time... or the lack of time
Wed 17th<br/>cathedral by night
Wed 17th
cathedral by night
Thu 18th<br/>life is a lottery
Thu 18th
life is a lottery
Sat 20th<br/>carol and paul
Sat 20th
carol and paul
Sun 21st<br/>careful now...
Sun 21st
careful now...
Mon 22nd<br/>catholic church
Mon 22nd
catholic church
Tue 23rd<br/>hidden brow
Tue 23rd
hidden brow
Wed 24th<br/>clock
Wed 24th
clock's return
Thu 25th<br/>six chimneys, seven sisters
Thu 25th
six chimneys, seven sisters
Fri 26th<br/>ice
Fri 26th
Sat 27th<br/>rural
Sat 27th
Sun 28th<br/>cairn
Sun 28th
Mon 29th<br/>swing bridge
Mon 29th
swing bridge
Tue 30th<br/>birch wood
Tue 30th
birch wood
Wed 31st<br/>the road ahead
Wed 31st
the road ahead