December 2019


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Sun 1st<br/>woodland
Sun 1st
Mon 2nd<br/>nato summit
Mon 2nd
nato summit
Tue 3rd<br/>gormley: last day
Tue 3rd
gormley: last day
Wed 4th<br/>vee and ay reflection
Wed 4th
vee and ay reflection
Wed 4th<br/>olafur eliasson (2)
Wed 4th
olafur eliasson (2)
Thu 5th<br/>dawn over london
Thu 5th
dawn over london
Fri 6th<br/>two crosses
Fri 6th
two crosses
Sat 7th<br/>man shadow
Sat 7th
man shadow
Sun 8th<br/>david nash
Sun 8th
david nash
Mon 9th<br/>downfall
Mon 9th
Tue 10th<br/>rocco
Tue 10th
Wed 11th<br/>Max and I at Westbury.
Wed 11th
Max and I at Westbury.
Thu 12th<br/>vote, just vote...
Thu 12th
vote, just vote...
Fri 13th<br/>cock (ney) robin
Fri 13th
cock (ney) robin
Sat 14th<br/>birthday night out
Sat 14th
birthday night out
Sun 15th<br/>victorian terracing
Sun 15th
victorian terracing
Mon 16th<br/>kabarett fledermaus
Mon 16th
kabarett fledermaus
Tue 17th<br/>south london squares
Tue 17th
south london squares
Wed 18th<br/>waiting for the london train
Wed 18th
waiting for the london train
Thu 19th<br/>end of the line
Thu 19th
end of the line
Fri 20th<br/>star group party
Fri 20th
star group party
Sat 21st<br/>ouse floods
Sat 21st
ouse floods
Sun 22nd<br/>the usual walk
Sun 22nd
the usual walk
Mon 23rd<br/>woodland
Mon 23rd
Tue 24th<br/>christmas tree and sparkle
Tue 24th
christmas tree and sparkle
Wed 25th<br/>...the same present !
Wed 25th
...the same present !
Thu 26th<br/>incinerator, ferry, sheep
Thu 26th
incinerator, ferry, sheep
Fri 27th<br/>carpet bag, cushion, sunlight
Fri 27th
carpet bag, cushion, sunlight
Sat 28th<br/>winter landscape
Sat 28th
winter landscape
Sun 29th<br/>hanging
Sun 29th
Mon 30th<br/>never sleeps
Mon 30th
never sleeps
Tue 31st<br/>nighty night nineteen
Tue 31st
nighty night nineteen