September 2007


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Sat 1st<br/>three chimneys
Sat 1st
three chimneys
Sun 2nd<br/>harbour
Sun 2nd
Mon 3rd<br/>chapel
Mon 3rd
Tue 4th<br/>jumpers
Tue 4th
Wed 5th<br/>looks a bit autumnal already
Wed 5th
looks a bit autumnal already
Thu 6th<br/>end of the line
Thu 6th
end of the line
Fri 7th<br/>hidden coffee pot
Fri 7th
hidden coffee pot
Sat 8th<br/>when two streets collide (2)
Sat 8th
when two streets collide (2)
Sun 9th<br/>parish boundary
Sun 9th
parish boundary
Mon 10th<br/>stagnant water
Mon 10th
stagnant water
Tue 11th<br/>self portrait with new glasses
Tue 11th
self portrait with new glasses
Wed 12th<br/>the lewes bus
Wed 12th
the lewes bus
Thu 13th<br/>japanese anemone
Thu 13th
japanese anemone
Fri 14th<br/>our town
Fri 14th
our town
Sat 15th<br/>terre a terre
Sat 15th
terre a terre
Sun 16th<br/>railings
Sun 16th
Mon 17th<br/>spiral staircase
Mon 17th
spiral staircase
Tue 18th<br/>masonic moziac?
Tue 18th
masonic moziac?
Wed 19th<br/>castle
Wed 19th
Thu 20th<br/>orient express
Thu 20th
orient express
Fri 21st<br/>old graffiti
Fri 21st
old graffiti
Sat 22nd<br/>primaries
Sat 22nd
Sun 23rd<br/>cake?
Sun 23rd
Mon 24th<br/>the friar
Mon 24th
the friar
Tue 25th<br/>naples yellow & cadmium yellow
Tue 25th
naples yellow & cadmium yellow
Wed 26th<br/>gables
Wed 26th
Thu 27th<br/>corners of albion street
Thu 27th
corners of albion street
Fri 28th<br/>pensive
Fri 28th
Sat 29th<br/>firle tower and corn field
Sat 29th
firle tower and corn field
Sun 30th<br/>ye olde coache roade
Sun 30th
ye olde coache roade