August 2014


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Fri 1st<br/>what about the girls?
Fri 1st
what about the girls?
Sat 2nd<br/>new reflected in old
Sat 2nd
new reflected in old
Sun 3rd<br/>random legs and feet
Sun 3rd
random legs and feet
Mon 4th<br/>beach at dooey
Mon 4th
beach at dooey
Tue 5th<br/>cottage near dungloe
Tue 5th
cottage near dungloe
Wed 6th<br/>the breeches
Wed 6th
the breeches
Thu 7th<br/>nancy
Thu 7th
nancy's bar in ardara
Fri 8th<br/>glengesh pass
Fri 8th
glengesh pass
Sat 9th<br/>sea, sun, dune, hill, cloud
Sat 9th
sea, sun, dune, hill, cloud
Sun 10th<br/>the bloody foreland
Sun 10th
the bloody foreland
Mon 11th<br/>errigal
Mon 11th
Tue 12th<br/>ulster farmer
Tue 12th
ulster farmer's bedroom
Wed 13th<br/>crown liquor saloon
Wed 13th
crown liquor saloon
Thu 14th<br/>our cottage at drumlaghgrid
Thu 14th
our cottage at drumlaghgrid
Fri 15th<br/>home of traditional food
Fri 15th
home of traditional food
Sat 16th<br/>lump of granite
Sat 16th
lump of granite
Sun 17th<br/>topsy turvy
Sun 17th
topsy turvy
Mon 18th<br/>gainsborough tribute
Mon 18th
gainsborough tribute
Tue 19th<br/>evening clouds
Tue 19th
evening clouds
Wed 20th<br/>evening clouds (2)
Wed 20th
evening clouds (2)
Thu 21st<br/>esplanade or perhaps promenade
Thu 21st
esplanade or perhaps promenade
Fri 22nd<br/>towner stairs
Fri 22nd
towner stairs
Sat 23rd<br/>brick paving hedge shadow
Sat 23rd
brick paving hedge shadow
Sun 24th<br/>lewes levels
Sun 24th
lewes levels
Mon 25th<br/>lewes levels (2)
Mon 25th
lewes levels (2)
Tue 26th<br/>painting the flat
Tue 26th
painting the flat
Wed 27th<br/>foreshortened school hill
Wed 27th
foreshortened school hill
Thu 28th<br/>horse chestnut
Thu 28th
horse chestnut
Fri 29th<br/>I looked up and saw a flying boat
Fri 29th
I looked up and saw a flying boat
Sat 30th<br/>oh so tasteful window replacements
Sat 30th
oh so tasteful window replacements
Sun 31st<br/>meadow walk
Sun 31st
meadow walk